Tria Hair Removal 4X, Worth It?

The most expensive item I bought from Sephora is Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. I’ve used it for almost 2 months before writing this post so I can do an accurate review, and you can decide if you want to splurge before the Sephora 20% off starts early November. I’m probably the most hairy Asian I know, if you told me I’m half hobbit I’d believe you. I’ve got a ladystache and shaving armpits and legs are tolerable, but having .5in long hair on top of my finger, stomach, feet and toes are quite embarrassing. The only place where hair don’t grow well is on my head, which I think is due to stress/lack of sleep, although HUM Nutrition helps a little. So this year, I finally decided to try Tria 4X.


The size of the Tria X4 is about the size of a shoebox. The Tria inside has the size and weight of a small hairdryer. It’s not too heavy to maneuver and the treatment window is about the size of the nail on my index finger. If you want hair removal for large areas such as legs, Iluminage might be a better choice since it’s got a larger treatment window. Since I’m using it for hair on my fingers/toes (and armpits/upper lips if I can work up the courage), a smaller treatment window works for me. It is a tool for permanent hair reduction and you should do treatment every 2 weeks. You should see results after 3 months. This laser hair removal is best for those who’s skin and hair have a large contrast (it probably won’t for pale skin + blond hair or dark skin+black hair). They also recommend not using it on eyebrows, around genitals or on a man’s face since the hair is too thick and it may damage the skin. Continue reading Tria Hair Removal 4X, Worth It?

Clinique Mask Sampler

Clinique is the first “high end” brand I got into waaay back when I was in high school. Since I’m a big fan of the Moisture Surge gel cream and the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, I grabbed the little mask sampler a few months back to see if there’s anything good. The four masks are:

  • Turnaround Revitalizing Instant Facial – a scrub mask/facial.
  • Moisture Surge Overnight Mask – overnight mask, basically a moisturizer.
  • Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask –  overnight mask/moisturizer.
  • Pore Refining Solution Charcoal Mask – a charcoal mask for problem skin.

20160202_100214Each pod of the mask is enough for 2-3 applications. Honestly I didn’t expect much from them, but the Pore Refining Solution is pretty good. Continue reading Clinique Mask Sampler

Tidying up your beauty products! My 3 favorite tips

Somehow or another, I ended up taking a month long break from blogging. Fall is the time when REALLY good deals comes in. 40% off! Holiday set for cheap! I want anything and everything! With that said, I’ve accumulate so much beauty products that it becomes overwhelming and it’s making me stressed instead of happy. I spent hundreds on beauty products every year. If it doesn’t make me happy, that’s a problem. To detox and jump into the holiday sale without overspending on unnecessary stuff, I decided to clean, declutter and organize first. Perhaps Amazon read my mind, since it recommended this book to me.20160914_130955

If you know exactly how you want your space to look, how you want to put/organize things and have no problem throwing things out, you may not need this book. If you are like me, where you keep getting stuck over whether to throw things out, where to keep things, and feels overwhelmed to the point where you either want to throw everything out or give up on the growing pile….. this book will be great for you. I didn’t throw out half of my house and it took me a few weeks, but it addressed all the excuses I keep telling myself and offered advice on how to tidying up efficiently. In this post, I’ll focus on my favorite tips that are the most helpful when I was decluttering my beauty stash.  Continue reading Tidying up your beauty products! My 3 favorite tips

Regimens & Routines, What Makes Skin Care Go ‘Round – Part 3

Welcome back, readers! I know it’s been a hot second since Part 2 of my guest blog series for Chic Dabbler, and I really appreciate your patience as I’m able to now present Part 3. I want to give a big thank you for your continued interest as I get to chime in this time around on treatments! So far I’ve gone over cleansing products and tools and toners and essences. In this piece I’ll go over what I find to be perhaps one of the most crucial and interesting parts of a skin care regimen, so join me!


Treatments are essentially where the bulk of your skin improvements and results can be derived from. These items can come in many forms such as serums, creams, oils, or fluids that address specific issues. Treatments, by nature, contain a higher percentage and dosage of active ingredients which in turn allows skin to receive a more concentrated application to areas of concern which can range from blemishes and acne, fine lines, wrinkles, the loss of elasticity and volume, hyper-pigmentation, uneven texture and more. While skin care products aren’t required by the FDA to detail out the exact percentages of ingredients, a quick rule of thumb in breaking down a formula is looking at the order of the ingredients. The most potent components will be listed first, but don’t be surprised if you first run into water and then a few binders, emulsifiers, and stabilizers. This doesn’t render the product moot entirely. In fact, many skin care products may require that stable base to properly house those active ingredients to ensure their exposure to skin isn’t too overwhelming right out the gate. Continue reading Regimens & Routines, What Makes Skin Care Go ‘Round – Part 3

Marc Jacobs Up All Night Lip Creme Set. Love

Sephora had an event yesterday for VIB/Rouge to preview and buy holiday sets in advance (you also get x2/x3/x4 points all week if you are BI/VIB/Rouge). I really went to pick up my free birthday present, to stuff myself with free pastries and didn’t really need anything. It’s a nice event since it’s not super crowded, there’s plenty of food and the staff are super friendly. I was going to grab a pack of Shiseido cotton and get out, but then I saw this20160910_143240 I couldn’t keep my eyes off the Marc Jacobs clutch. It’s SHINY! It’s PINK! It’s got a big tassel and it’s Marc Jacob! Oh right, it’s also got mini lipsticks in it, if you are interested.20160910_143316Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite fashion designer. While I love LOVE Highliner, the brushes, the blushes and the nail polishes, I just don’t care for the lip liner or Kiss Pop. However, these lipsticks are pigmented, easy to apply and moisturizing on the lips.  Continue reading Marc Jacobs Up All Night Lip Creme Set. Love

Lasting Moisture! Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

I admit, I have a little bit of bias when it comes to beauty brands. If it’s not carried in Sephora or Nordstrom, I usually don’t expect much from it. And usually, they turn out as I expected. Valentia is a brand I discovered on BrandBacker, and I unexpectedly fell in love with the Royal Rose serum, so when they came out with Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer, I had to try it. Disclaimer: Whether a product was provided for free or bought by me have no influence on my opinion of the product.


The moisturizer is a generous 4oz, so it will last a while even if you apply generously to face, neck and hands every time. The container is a dark glass bottle, which helps to preserve active ingredients so the moisturizer retains its effectiveness longer. It’s also got expiration date printed on the bottle, and the pump ensures a sanitary application. The moisturizer contains my favorite hydrator, hyaluronic acid, as well as shea butter and various oils. It contains ginseng, a great anti-aging ingredient, and kojic acid, a great ingredient to even out the skin for people who are sensitive to vitamin C and peels. Continue reading Lasting Moisture! Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

From Day to Night: Easy Makeup Transitions!

Can you believe it’s almost September? However, the weather where I’m at still screams of summer and summer vacations. One of my favorite vacation spot within US is Las Vegas. It’s interesting to see the mini Pyramid, Camelot, Eiffel Tower and Venice styled complex on the strip, but my favorite part is watching the water fountain “dancing” to the music in front of Bellagio, and you MUST go to O by Cirque du Soleil at least once! I actually went there because of a conference and didn’t really plan anything, but if you are going, definitely check on sites such as for best deals so you are not stuck waiting and paying extra for the show that starts in 3 hours. Still worth it tho. Even among circuses, how often do you see a stage opening up to reveal a lake/pool underneath????

One thing that I did not enjoy, however, was my makeup melting off my face, and I was too lazy to carry a bunch of makeup with me while walking. However, I’ve learned a few things since then, such as how easy it is to transition your makeup from day to night with only 2-3 products. It’s proven quite convenient lately when there’s a social event I want to go to right after work and I don’t want to redo my makeup. Continue reading From Day to Night: Easy Makeup Transitions!

Yes to Retinol? Peter Thomas Roth Retinol PM

Donkey’s milk, snail slime, bee venom…whatever it is I have no qualms about trying it. But retinol is one of the few ingredients that I’m tentative on. Retinol is a form of vitamin A, it helps with anti-aging, lightens discoloration and reduces acne/pores. However, it is intensive and can cause irritations or redness. Depending on the concentration and formulation, it doesn’t play well with other active ingredients such as glycolic acid or enzymes. When first using a retinol product, you should start by using every other day at night (along with a good SPF during the day), then build up to nightly use.20160821_140014

Two years ago, I got a travel size of Peter Thomas Roth Retinol PM so I started trying it. However, after a few days of use I noticed tiny red dots on the dropper. I couldn’t figure out what it was so I emailed Peter Thomas Roth customer service. Usually when I get a bad product, the company will mail me a replacement or refund and don’t care what I do with the bad product. PTR not only gave me a giftcard to buy a new bottle of Retinol PM, but they also gave me shipping fee to send the item back so they  can figure out what’s wrong with it. To me, this shows that they not only care about customer satisfaction but they also take the quality of their products seriously.20160821_141954

The new bottle of PTR Retinol PM have no problem, and after putting it on the back burner for a year, I finally started using it again. According the description, Retinol PM is a potent retinol serum that delivers skin-renewing benefits via combination of encapsulated retinol, and vitamins C and E. It encourages the skin’s renewal process with prime efficacy, helps improve skintone and texture, assists in collagen production, and reduces lines and wrinkles to create a vibrantly youthful and healthy complexion. It also contains squalene for a dose of moisture to minimizes redness and irritation, and mitigates the retinol’s drying effects. Continue reading Yes to Retinol? Peter Thomas Roth Retinol PM

Death to Acne/Blemish! Salicylic Acid or Sulfur?

Sometimes I wonder, why can’t I be one of those girls with naturally perfect skin? You know, the girl who only uses a drugstore cleanser, moisturizer and it’s all they need. But then again, if I was that girl I probably won’t be trying hundreds of products and running a skincare blog. It’s been a few months since my dryness problem went away, so now, it’s time for breakouts! Yaaay, aren’t you excited? not. Anyways, eventhough there are tons of products for breakouts, blemish, acne and white/blackheads on the market, they are not all created equal. I have dry combination skin with occasional blemish, so skincare products targeting acne/breakout tend to dry me out and I prefer spot treatment instead.


In terms of treatment for acne/blemish, there are three major ingredients that most products use: salicylic acid, sulfur and tea tree oil. All of them are antibacterial and helps to reduce shine. Salicylic acid, BHA, is probably the most prominent ingredient in acne skincare, but can feel harsh or irritating depending on what else it is mixed with in the product. Sulfur is a bit gentler on the skin but can be quite drying as well. Tea tree oil is the gentlest and not as drying, but it also has the mildest effect in my experience. The newest kid on the block are acne patches, which are surprisingly effective and convenient. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the acne/whitehead fighting products I like from each category. Continue reading Death to Acne/Blemish! Salicylic Acid or Sulfur?

Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Cucumbers!

Cucumber slices have long been used as eye masks to calm and hydrate, and with good reasons. Cucumber contains plenty of vitamin K, an antioxidant that fights dark circles under the eyes. It also reduces swelling and water retention, thus are great for reducing puffiness. The vitamin A, B-5 and C helps to fight dark spots and retain moisture while silica helps to fight wrinkles. Not only that, cucumbers also have a high water content and cooling properties, thus making it a great way to soothe skin burns and irritations.20160520_132532

As many DIY cucumber mask recipes as there are online, I’ve only eaten them since I always thought their benefits are only due to it being cool and wet. Now that I know it is definitely beneficial, I’ll definitely have to start playing around with DIYs using it!

Skin type: Sensitive skin, dry skin and early aging skin.

Purpose: Hydrates, soothes, debuffs and anti-wrinkle. Continue reading Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Cucumbers!