All the Tatcha Powders! Which one is for you?

I’ve never really cared for exfoliating powders until I tried the classic Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder. It is just exfoliating enough without being abrasive and leaves my skin feeling oh so smooth without any irritation! I was impressed enough to want to try the other powders from the brand. It is an expensive brand, but they sell trial size of their products on and offers free shipping. If you sign up for newsletter there is often a code for a travel size product along with your order, and you can pick 3 samples. So if you are interested in the brand, you can order 1 product and get 4 samples to try basically. I ordered the travel size of Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, but got the trial size of classic powder with the promo code, and samples of the three other powders they offer.


You don’t need to use much powder each time. Each packet (1g, .04oz) lasted me about 3-4 use, which makes me feel slightly better about the cost. You add water to the powder, which gives it a bit of cooked grain scent, then rub it onto your face for 10-20 seconds. You may not feel it being very scrubby but once you rinse it off, you can definitely feel the difference on the skin. TatchaPowder2

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder – It’s a light blue/purple ish powder that turns into a paste when you add water. It foams a little bit and you can’t feel any granules at all, which reminds me of AmorePacific Enzyme Powder. It does rinse off well and my face feel very clean, slightly brighter as well afterwards. It definitely makes my skin very soft and clean, not irritating at all except DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES. It feels like a cleanser so I thoughtlessly rubbed it over my eyelid a few times the first time I used it. I then spent half a day trying to figure out why my eyes hurt and is watery eventho it doesn’t feel like there’s sand or anything in my eye (after dumping like 1/3 bottle of eye drops to flush my eyes, they were back to normal). So don’t get it in your eyes, otherwise it’s a great gentle exfoliator appropriate for all skin types, especially sensitive or redness prone skin.

Tatcha Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder – It is a light pink powder that turns into a slightly foamy paste when you add water to it. I think the granule might be same as soothing but with a little of the very fine/small ones like tatcha classic mixed in. If I wasn’t looking for it, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It didn’t have that subtle immediately brightening effect like soothing, but otherwise they are pretty much the same. If redness is not a problem for you, then this will work for sensitive as well as dry skin.

Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder – It was already reviewed previously so I will keep it short. While the Indigo and Gentle powder feels like a paste when mixed with water, you can feel some very very fine grain. It leaves the skin squeaky clean and super smooth. It does exfoliate a bit more than Indigo and Gentle but if you use a lighthand it should be fine for sensitive skin as well. It is not drying per say, but if you’ve got really really dry skin then Gentle or Indigo is probably better.

Tatcha Deep Rice Enzyme Powder – It is a powder that turns into a planty green when you add water. Unlike the regular powder, you can feel the exfoliating granule with your finger. Some medium/small granule are mixed in with the tiny/powder granules. It does leave your skin feeling very clean, but it left my cheeks feeling a bit irritated. It is on the same level as the other exfoliating powder like Boscia Tsubaki or PTR camu camu, but if you like gentler options like Amore Pacific or Tatcha classic then this would feel harsh to you. While I agree with their claim that it’s not for dry skin, I will have to disagree with the claim of it being right for sensitive skin. If your skin is not dry, sensitive or irritated then this will work for you. If you want something with a bit more oomph than the classic/regular rice enzyme powder then by all means give this a try.


While they all foam up a bit and cleanses, I would not use it as a substitute for cleansers unless your makeup remover can double as a cleanser (ex. cleansing water or cleansing oil). If you were using wipes or balm or makeup remover that are not cleansers, use a cleanser before this. Or you can use it in the morning for a mild cleanse/exfoliation.


Overall, I’m not a fan of Tatcha deep. It says it’s for oily skin but it irritated a little so I would not recommend it for sensitive skin either. I think the classic is appropriate for all skin type, altho it might leave your skin feeling a bit dry and tight if you have dry skin. Both Gentle and Indigo are great for dry and sensitive skin altho I feel like soothing doesn’t really have enough exfoliating power for me so I prefer either the classic or gentle. Honestly I really like them, and the only bad thing I can think of aside from the price is that you shouldn’t use it in the shower (it’s a powder, too much moisture would probably be bad). Honestly, a quarter size is the most you will need if you have a big face. I would recommend getting a trial size and some samples to try. If you like any of them then subscribe to Tatcha emails and buy during promo or wait for Sephora’s % off sales.


8 thoughts on “All the Tatcha Powders! Which one is for you?

  1. I’ve been really interested in these rice powders for a while now and I’m so glad you did a review! Thank you

  2. i love tatcha and have the gentle one. i wanted to do a comparison like a year or two ago (sheesh) since i had samples of the others but i never got around to it. Yikes. I do want to try the indigo powder since i’m quite liking the cream.

    1. I like the reducing redness aspect of Indigo but I’m not sure if it’s too gentle for me. Now that I think about it, maybe I can mix it with classic and use it that way? hmm…. =X

      Lol, now you made me want to try the Indigo cream, guess I’ll get that next time I order Tatcha.

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