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Fresh Soy Cleanser for Sensitive Skin: Gel or Milk?

Soy is not the first ingredient I think of when people mention antioxidants or anti-aging. However, do you know that soy is one of the few “complete protein” that is plant-based? Your body needs ~20 different types of amino acids to function properly and 9 of them must be obtained from food. A “complete protein” must contain all nine of these essential amino acids in sufficient amount. The amino acids in soy are critical to build collagen and maintain the elasticity of the skin. Soy also protects the skin against inflammation and moisturizes due to the high level of vitamin E it contains. Also, it is a natural potent antioxidant. Research has shown that it can correct pigmentation and visible signs of aging due to environmental exposure.

However, some people who are allergic to soy in food are also allergic to soy in skincare, so get a sample to try first if you can’t consume soy. Fresh Soy Cleanser has been a long time favorite for many people with dry or sensitive skin. They came out with Fresh Soy Cleansing Milk last fall, and I finally decided to try them out this month. Aside from the soy oil/protein/extract, both of them also contain other moisturizing and calming ingredients such as rosewater and cucumber extract. Continue reading Fresh Soy Cleanser for Sensitive Skin: Gel or Milk?


Why Sugar? Fresh, SkinFood and Ole Henriksen sugar scrubs

Sugar and salt are essential part of our diet. When too much is consumed, they are bad for your health and your skin. But when used topically, sugar and salt can work wonders. Salt is a natural antiseptic, contains minerals that helps to detox the body and relax the muscles. However, it can also be very drying and abrasive on the skin, so I prefer to use it on the body rather than face.20160112_142704Sugar, on the other hand, is a humectant so it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. Sugar granules, especially brown sugar, tend to be gentler than salt. Sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid, which helps to exfoliate chemically and encourage cell turnover. In terms of application, it is the same for all three sugar scrub/masks I’m reviewing today. You gently rub it on clean dry skin, or damp skin if you want it to be gentler, wait 15 minutes, then rinse off and enjoy your smooth skin! Continue reading Why Sugar? Fresh, SkinFood and Ole Henriksen sugar scrubs

Test Test 123: Hydration Mask Showdown (Fresh, PTR and Origins)

I was going to just stick to a simple skincare regimen, but being a skincare addict, how I can resist the stash of masks I have? Besides, if I’m ever going to test hydrating masks, it should be at a time when my skin is dry, right? So yay for the first product review! This will not cover overnight/leave-on masks which are essentially upgraded moisturizers. There are too many products to review one by one, so I’ll do them in sets of 3 to compare when I can. Sheet masks will be another review next time I place an order (currently on a no-buy until mid-Jan). Today we will talk about rinse off hydrating masks, which will calm your skin and provide you with a boost of hydration that makes the skin smooth and moisturized, but you do need to apply moisturizer afterwards. The three masks I’ll be comparing today are: Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask, Fresh Rose Face Mask and Origins Drink Up 10 minutes to Quench Skin’s thirst.

Hydrating Masks Continue reading Test Test 123: Hydration Mask Showdown (Fresh, PTR and Origins)