Test test test 123: Blotting paper comparison, worth the money?

The thought of summer conjures up images of sunshine, pretty dresses and … the heat that defies all attempt to not look shiny…… Yes, there are mattifying primers and mattifying powder, but reapplication is such a hassle, you might look cakey and it’s not sanitary. Instead, blotting paper is the way to go. It soaks up the oil without adding onto or disturbing your makeup. Or in my case, the mattifying primer can be a tad drying on me, so blotting papers tone down the shine without drying me out.


There are many types of blotting paper, from the fancy Tatcha one that magazines rave about and cost almost $20 to public bathroom toilet paper that some people claim works just as well… but do they? I got myself some blotting papers along with toilet paper (from bathroom at work) and got to work. The blotting papers I’m testing are:

  • Sephora Matte Blotting Films – $18.50 for 100 sheet (18.5 cents per sheet).
  • Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Paper – $12 for 30 sheet (40 cents per sheet).
  • Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens – $10 for 100 sheet (10 cents per sheet).
  • Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing sheet – $5 for 50 sheet (10 cents per sheet).
  • Cheap toilet paper – free?


  • Sephora Matte Blotting Films (top left) – a thin, textured blue film with no scent.
  • Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing sheet (top right) – identical to the Sephora sheet.
  • Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Paper (bottom left) – it feels like a much thinner and softer version of tissue paper. There is no scent, it is a natural brown paper color and it have gold flakes embedded in it. It have a smooth texture.
  • Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens (bottom right) – it feels like extremely thin tissue paper, just like Tatcha. The paper/linen is slightly green with very subtle scent of tea.
  • Cheap toilet paper (not pictured) – the cheap thin, two layered toilet paper you can find in any public restroom. No scent (I sincerely hope) and you can separate it and only use one layer, but then it tears easily.

So that is my first impression. The first thing I test is how well they absorb the oil. The oiliness of my skin varies depending on the day/weather so I test it on my hand as well. I used 1 drop of Maracuja oil, then blotted until my skin looks matte. 20150823_161032

All film/papers tested were able to soak up the oil almost immediately. The oil did not bleed through the blue films while it bleed through both paper. The difference is very slight, but the Clean&Clear absorbed a bit more oil than the Sephora. And the Tatcha seems to be a bit more absorbent than Boscia.


But a drop of oil on the hand is a lot more oil than most people have on their faces. Maybe it’s because I’m not oily enough, but I can’t tell the difference between the two films, or the difference between the two blotting papers. However, I do feel a difference between using film vs using paper. When used on the face over makeup, both films and the toilet paper picked up a bit more makeup than the blotting paper tissue. When used on bare skin, the films left a weird residue/feeling while my skin feels just clean/dry after using the blotting tissue.

If you are SUPER OILY, a film might be better. If you are not very oily and want the least disturbance over makeup and a clean feeling, then the paper/linen tissue might be better. Honestly when I was using them on my face, I couldn’t feel any differences between the two films, or between the two papers. You can use toilet paper in a pinch, but it tears easily and don’t feel as nice. So, I’d say if you want something to tone down the shine and soak up the sweat without disturbing makeup, a pack of blotting paper is worth it. Whether you like film or paper tissue depends on personal preference, but there’s no need to splurge on the expensive versions.


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