About Supplements, and a Hum Nutrition review

So I’ve been feeling off since the end of last month. Normally I prefer to get my vitamins and minerals through food, but since that wasn’t working, I decided to give nutrition supplement a try. Hum Nutrition is a new line that Sephora carries and they have a 3 day cleanse kit available for $12, so I figure it’s a low investment way to try something that may or may not work. Sephora don’t have the 3 day kit anymore but they do have a 21 Days Cleanse to the Rescue, which is better since some things take weeks to show results.


While I strongly believe that a good daily skincare regimen is necessary, I do not believe that supplements are essential for good health. Just like how some food can be miracles for your health today and devil of your diet tomorrow, opinions on supplements also change. So before doing the review, let’s familiarize ourselves with some facts/tips first:

  • Ideally if you live a very healthy lifestyle (exercise regularly, no smoking/drinking, good sleep and healthy diet) then you shouldn’t need supplements at all.
  • The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) and the AI (Adequate Intake) are the amounts of a vitamin or mineral you need to stay healthy and avoid nutritional deficiencies. The UL (Tolerable Upper Intake Level) is the maximum daily amount, including food and supplements, without risking an overdose or serious side effects. Most products only uses DV (Daily Value), which is sometimes same as RDA.
  • For most vitamins and minerals, you can safely take a higher dose than RDA/DV without coming close to UL, but some can have serious side effect when overdosed. There has been studies shown high doses of vitamin A — and other fat-soluble vitamins like E and K — can build up in the body and cause toxicity. Other risky supplements include the minerals iron and selenium.
  • There are a lot of cheap supplements out there with food coloring and other crappy additives. Try to get recommendations from doctors, read review and see if they are tested before purchasing.

Hum is the first and only brand I tried and it worked so I decided to stick with it instead of trying other brands. It’s my personal experience, so take the review with a grain of salt. However, I do recommend that you take an evaluation of your diet (good food you don’t eat or eat often), lifestyle and possibly consult a doctor before deciding what supplements to take. Some information you might find helpful:

Now, onto the review of Hum Nutrition’s Cleanse to the Rescue! The idea of cleansing, for me, is associated with hunger, expensive gross-tasting drinks and possibly diarrhea (I have not and will not test them). Cleanse to the Rescue didn’t ask me to live on lemon juice, just to try eat health and take the pills at appropriate time. Fair enough. I decided to try the 3 day kit since I was feeling tired all day but restless at night. I kept up with my exercise and tried to eat more vegetables and fruits, but it didn’t help. I felt hungry but full and bloated (indigestion? constipation?) at same time.


The 3 day kit consist of two of their nutrition products: Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me.

  • Daily Cleanse is the big soft gel pill with powders inside consist of various herbs to help with detox the body. It looks big but I didn’t have a problem swallowing.
  • Flatter Me is the small soft gel pill with powders inside consist of various enzymes to help your body break down food and absorb nutrients, so it mainly “flattens the stomach” by helping your digestion, no weird miraculous claims.

They both smell plastic-y but have no aftertaste when you swallow. I want to see the effect of the cleanse kit, so I made no big changes to my diet and did not take any other supplements while using these. Flatter Me did help with digestion and bloating, although I do go to restroom once or twice more than before everyday, and burp occasionally but that was it. Daily Cleanse helped to regulate my sleep, I wasn’t as sleepy/tired during the day but is no longer restless at night. There were no noticeable side effect from Daily Cleanse, and the actual effect is kind of subtle as well unless you were feeling off before taking it. I didn’t start to feel the effect from Cleanse to the Rescue until day 2. I end up getting full size of both supplements a week later and took them separately for a month, so I was able to better see/feel the difference they made.


I’ve also heard of people having terrible side effects after stop taking supplement. For the two days after I finished taking the 3 day supply, I don’t feel like burping anymore (altho the indigestion is gone, yay!). My skin also felt a tad dry, but that might be due to a combination of Daily Cleanse and the fact I drink a cup of water when I take each pill. Other than that there were no side effects.

While they worked for me, they are not miracle pills. If you are already living a healthy lifestyle or taking a ton of supplement, you may not see changes or need these. They are like a dose of healthy. If you have a crappy diet/lifestyle this will help make a difference, but your condition will revert back once you stop, unless you fix your habits. They are great if you are feeling off or overindulged on unhealthy habits over the holidays, to fix/revert effects of those occasionally crappy week. If you are interested but is feeling unsure, I recommend getting the Cleanse to the Rescue 3 day kit from Sephora to see if it works first. You probably won’t see/feel any effect on day 1, but if you are not seeing/feeling any difference on day 3, then you might not need these supplements.


They worked for me so I bought full size bottles, which are way cheaper on the brand website. New accounts can take a quiz to get $10 off promo code, HUM10, and it is stackable with referral code, mine is FBBFE, which gives you another $10 off on minimum order of $29. They have free 2 day shipping for orders over $50 (before discount. it annoys me so much when I get free shipping then it becomes invalid after discount). It was 25% off if you buy 3 products at the time and with the two $10 coupons, I paid $39.25 for the $79 worth of products.

PS. Reviews of the Runway Ready (Red Carpet and Killer Nail) supplements can be found here! Definitely recommend if you have a problem with hair growth or excessive shedding like me.

My philosophy is “less is more” so I’ll probably only take them when I feel off but not enough to go to the doctor or take real medicine. Winter is coming so I got Here Comes the Sun (vitamin D3) to take occasionally. They also have supplements to help with stress, PMS, energy, weight loss and fat burning as well as many others. So, what brand/type of supplements are you currently taking?


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