Review of All the Tatcha Moisturizers!

I firmly believe that every brand have at least one good product, and every brand probably have at least one lackluster product. However, I’ve loved every product I tried from Tatcha so far so I got myself more Tatcha products to see if it really can do no wrong or if I just haven’t come across the bad apple yet. Now, let’s talk about these beauties!


Tatcha always have such pretty packaging and I love their ingredients as well. While they are expensive, Gilt City and Ruelala have vouchers for Tatcha all the time (well, at least twice a year) that makes it basically 40% off so you never have to buy them at full price. You also get a discount from referral for those sites so the vouchers are even cheaper. Right now you can get $10 off with the Ruelala referral link:
Or $20 off with Gilt City referral link:

They currently have referral going on where you get $25 off $50 (valid for 2 weeks after you get it). I believe you need to enter an email to comment so if you’d like to be referred, comment and I can refer you with the email you provided. Or if you are super private, they currently have $25 off $125 with code GIFT25. They are also currently doing 6 samples at checkout, so it’s a great time to buy.


Tatcha Indigo Soothing Renewal Treatments – It is a thick cream with a dark greyish blue color and no scent. I thought the color would go away after I rubbed it in, but it leaves a faint blue tint on the skin. The cream gets a bit sticky as I rub it in and takes about 30min before it fully absorbs. It is best for very dry skin, or as spot treatment. It is too thick as a face moisturizer for my dry combination skin, I think this would be more for body moisturizer or severely dry skin.

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum – It is a transparent serum with very fine shimmer from gold, which gives you a subtle glow after it was applied. Instead of liquidy serum it feels more like a lightweight gel. Instead of saying it absorbs fast, maybe it evaporate fast would be a better word for it. It flakes a bit on my skin and while it hydrates a little bit, it doesn’t absorb as well and is not as hydrating as DDG hydrabooster, Dermalogica or Dr. Jart+ ceramidin. It also have a mild plastic smell.

Tatcha Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream – It is a nice cream that spreads easily, then feels a tad sticky/tacky as it sinks in, but the feeling goes away within minutes. It have a light floral herbal scent, signature of the Tatcha line, that disappears as rub the cream in. It moisturizes well and makes the skin feel soft and smooth like velvet. It would be too rich for me in the summer, but my combination skin is dry in the winter and it feels lovely.

Tatcha Moisture Rich Silk Cream – It is a refreshing gel cream with a clean floral herbal scent. It sinks into the skin easily leaving it feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. It is appropriate for oily/combo skin and you don’t need a lot. If you apply too much it will flake, so if you have drier skin then you will need a hydrating serum underneath or try a different moisturizer. It’s got a lot of great ingredients, but it’s also got alcohol. It feels nice on the skin, but at $150 for a jar, the difference/effect wasn’t amazing enough for me to ditch my $40 (and alcohol-free) Clinique Moisture Surge for it.

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream – It is a nice scentless cream with a light greyish blue color. Unlike the other Indigo Renewal Treatment, the blue color here goes away after you rubbed it onto the skin. The cream feels a bit thick and tacky until it sinks into the skin and it is very moisturizing. They say it’s appropriate for all skin types, but I say it’s more appropriate for dry and sensitive skin due to the slightly thick and tacky feeling.

Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil – I’ve tried so many facial oils that I wasn’t impressed at first, but it grew on me. It’s a lightweight clear oil housed in a beautiful glass bottle with small gold flakes in the bottle. Because it is lightweight, it absorbs easily, leaving the skin feeling moisturized but not greasy or stuffy at all. It have a juicy floral herbal scent, which reminds me of Caudalie Beauty Elixir or Clarins facial oils, but not as strong. Despite the fragrance it is not irritating and ok over the eye area (I usually put 5 drops into my palm, rub them together then press/pat onto cheek, forehead, eyes then massage/smooth the remaining oil into other areas). It is a great oil appropriate for all skin types, unless you are allergic to any ingredients. I love using it as moisturizer in the summer and fall, but need a lightweight moisturizer over it in the winter.


My rating for products tend to be separated into three categories: products I would buy at full price over everything else, products I would buy if there’s a good discount or if I’m feeling fancy, and products that I would not buy or get even with promotion. In terms of Tatcha products I’ve tried so far.

I would buy at full price:

I would buy with discount/when I’m feeling fancy:

I would not seek them out over my current products:

  • Tatcha brightening serum – mostly due to price
  • Tatcha face mask – mostly due to price
  • Tatcha deep enzyme powder – like other enzyme powder more
  • Tatcha indigo recovery cream – not for my skintype
  • Tatcha indigo treatment – not for my skintype
  • Tatcha Moisture Silk – mostly due to price
  • Tatcha deep hydration firming serum – not for my skintype

I have no interest in fancy body care, Body Shop and Bliss body care are plenty good enough for all my needs. The pore SPF sounds more like a primer than skincare, so I’m not interested. I will, however, get a mini of the eye cream and eye mask to try next time I order. So, any Tatcha products you like?


6 thoughts on “Review of All the Tatcha Moisturizers!

  1. I bought the deep hydration firming serum on a whim, but I wish I hadn’t. Unfortunately it just didn’t work with my skin. It wasn’t hydrating as much as I thought it would be, and my skin broke out from it. I do still want to try other tatcha products though!

    1. Yikes! Yeah, I thought it would be liquidy so it can be absorbed deep into my skin, but it’s more gel-like and feels like it evaporated rather than absorbed. I think the oil cleanser, rice powder, beauty oil and mist should work for everyone. I would definitely get samples of the serum/moisturizer before buying.

  2. love tatcha! Cleansing oil, gentle rice powder, and the indigo recovery cream are my favorites, though i don’t love the recovery cream when it is hot because of the texture. I also really like the UV cream and the camellia oil. 😉

    1. Sure! There should be an email from Tatcha in your inbox (of the email you provided when commenting) about the referral. They changed the referral a bit since the time of this posting. Now it is $25 off a $75 purchase on It expires on Jun 06, 2016 and is limited to one per person. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. This gift is valid only if your friend is making a first-time order on


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