Want good hair and stronger nails? A HUM Nutrition review

I was traveling last month, and end up sitting next to a friendly nurse practitioner on the train. She was a primary care nurse practitioner for over a decade and we had an interesting conversation about supplements. Even though my first foray into supplement was positive, with HUM’s Daily Cleanse and Flatter Me, I’m still a bit paranoid and skeptical, so I asked her a few questions.

  • What type of vitamin deficiency do you see most in your patients? Vitamin D, most people she tested are either deficient or at the lower limit. People don’t get enough sun nowadays and fortified food is not enough.
  • Is it possible to overdose on supplements? If the supplement is water soluble (vitamin B and C), then when you overdose you just pee it out so no worries. The fat soluble ones (vitamin A, D, E and K) tend to stay in your system so it is possible, although she has never seen a case of vitamin overdose. Supplements are fine as long as you follow instructions.

We did agree that not everyone needs vitamins. If you eat fresh fruits and veggies in a variety of colors and is active/get enough sun, then you are probably fine. Also, remember this is just accounts from one person’s work experience.  Anyways, my latest foray into supplements was HUM Nutrition’s Runway Ready, which consists of Red Carpet with vitamin E and Killer Nail with biotin. It seemed to have done something good for my skin/hair, so I thought I’d share.20160509_164102

Red Carpet and Killer Nail are packaged together, I did not try them separately to see which one is for what. According to their description: “Red Carpet formula consists of GLA, ALA, and Vitamin E, naturally sourced and potently formulated, in a soft gel capsule made of red algae. Made from bio-available nutrients in Black Currant and Sunflower Seeds, Red Carpet’s healthy essential fats support glamorous hair and glowing skin. Killer Nails supports longer, stronger nails & hair. Killer Nails is packed with 5000 mcg of Biotin in a pure, high potency vegan formula.

I took Red Carpet and Killer Nail daily for 3 weeks, same diet as before and no other supplements during that time. Red Carpet is a small soft gel pill while Killer Nail is normal pill size, although I had no problem swallowing either of them. I didn’t notice my nail getting stronger or growing faster, but I never really pay attention to my nails. My skin has been easily irritated and really dry for the past few month, but it feels less irritated and dry after I started taking supplements. However, the biggest difference was my hair.

I have thinning hair and shed handfuls everyday… it is depressing. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly due to stress rather than vitamin, which is why I didn’t try any supplements before. But I’m desperate, so might as well give it a shot. After a week or so of taking Runway Ready, I see less hair fallout on my pillow and in the shower. I guess that means it made my hair stronger? I don’t feel like my hair was shinier or if I was getting new hair growth, but 3 weeks might be too soon to tell for that (your hair only grows half inch per month after all).


I stopped taking the supplements after 3 weeks and within a few days, my hair started to shed more again and my skin started to get drier. So, Runway Ready definitely give me stronger hair/less shedding and healthier skin. It was too soon to tell if it had an effect on hair growth but it made more difference on my hair than any diet, shampoo or exercise. I don’t know if HUM works better than other brands, but it worked for me and seems to be good quality, so I’ll keep ordering from them. If you are interested in HUM Nutrition, definitely buy from the brand website! You get $10 off first order (HUM10), $10 off referral (FBBFE) and 25% off orders of 3 or more supplement. Yes, they are stackable and free shipping is on order of $50 before discounts! Cheers to good hair and skin!

UPDATE: So I repurchased Red Carpet only and didn’t take Killer Nails for a month. It seems Red Carpet is responsible for new hair growth, since I’m seeing a lot more baby hair. And Killer Nails is responsible for reduce excessive hair loss/shedding, since I start losing a lot of hair again after being off Killer Nails for a few weeks. Looks like I do need a big supply of both!


5 thoughts on “Want good hair and stronger nails? A HUM Nutrition review

    1. Runway Ready is a packet consists of 2 supplements, Red Carpet and Killer Nails, which can also be purchased individually. I reviewed Runway Ready since I took Red Carpet and Killer Nails together most of the time. When taken separately, I noticed Red Carpet helped with hair growth while Killer Nails helped with strengthening the hair (and nail growth). Hope that helps.

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