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Origins Treatment Lotions and Toners!

The first thing I do when going to a mall is to dump my empties at the recycle bin in the Origins store. Every single Origins store and counter have a recycle bin. Not only are their products natural, they also supports earth friendly practices and all the sales reps I met are knowledgeable and nice. They recently implemented a rewards program where you can earn points to redeem for products, and recycle counts for points as well! I previously used Origins 95% Organic toner, United States toner and A Perfect World. Since I enjoyed them, the sales rep made samples of two treatment lotions she think I’d like for me to try. 20170201_143349

Origin has a category for toner and a category for treatment lotion. Toners are more lightweight and for oily/combination skin while treatment lotions are more hydrating and for combination/dry skin. Basically they are the same step in your skincare routine. I accidentally recycled my full size of United States toner before this picture (it’s here in spirit?).  Continue reading Origins Treatment Lotions and Toners!

Test Test 123: Hydration Mask Showdown (Fresh, PTR and Origins)

I was going to just stick to a simple skincare regimen, but being a skincare addict, how I can resist the stash of masks I have? Besides, if I’m ever going to test hydrating masks, it should be at a time when my skin is dry, right? So yay for the first product review! This will not cover overnight/leave-on masks which are essentially upgraded moisturizers. There are too many products to review one by one, so I’ll do them in sets of 3 to compare when I can. Sheet masks will be another review next time I place an order (currently on a no-buy until mid-Jan). Today we will talk about rinse off hydrating masks, which will calm your skin and provide you with a boost of hydration that makes the skin smooth and moisturized, but you do need to apply moisturizer afterwards. The three masks I’ll be comparing today are: Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask, Fresh Rose Face Mask and Origins Drink Up 10 minutes to Quench Skin’s thirst.

Hydrating Masks Continue reading Test Test 123: Hydration Mask Showdown (Fresh, PTR and Origins)