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Mattifying compact: A quest for love

All that glitters is not gold
Often have you heard that told:
Many a man his life hath sold
But my outside to behold:
Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
Had you been as wise as bold,
Young in limbs, in judgement old
Your answer had not been inscroll’d
Fare you well, your suit is cold.

Or so says Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice. Basically it means do not judge by appearance, or that the best mattifying powders can be enclosed in the shiniest packaging.

Ok, I may have added that last part. Most of the time, you can find the most gorgeous packaging for luminizers and blushes. But being an shiny faced girl with a healthy flush, they are the last thing I need no matter how pretty they look. I’ve often lamented the lack of gorgeous mattifying powder, and I don’t like the current Clinique Stay Matte compact as much as I did 7 years ago. Unlike my last one, this formed a hard layer on top soon after I start using it. And if you reapply midday you can feel the layer of powder with the oil underneath, so it kind of mattifies by covering up the oil but not absorbing it. Guess it’s time for a change. =/

Clinique Mattifying powder

Well, it looks like my wish for pretty mattifying powder have been answered. I was first persuaded to jump on the Guerlain meteorites bandwagon by a band of loyal BeautyTalkers and got myself the old version of meteorites. I love it, it ignited my passion for high end makeup as well as sat fire to my wallet and turned my attention to Guerlain, which is when I found Guerlain Les Voilettes Translucent Compact powder.

Guerlain Les Voilettes Continue reading Mattifying compact: A quest for love

Test Test 123: Hydration Mask Showdown (Fresh, PTR and Origins)

I was going to just stick to a simple skincare regimen, but being a skincare addict, how I can resist the stash of masks I have? Besides, if I’m ever going to test hydrating masks, it should be at a time when my skin is dry, right? So yay for the first product review! This will not cover overnight/leave-on masks which are essentially upgraded moisturizers. There are too many products to review one by one, so I’ll do them in sets of 3 to compare when I can. Sheet masks will be another review next time I place an order (currently on a no-buy until mid-Jan). Today we will talk about rinse off hydrating masks, which will calm your skin and provide you with a boost of hydration that makes the skin smooth and moisturized, but you do need to apply moisturizer afterwards. The three masks I’ll be comparing today are: Peter Thomas Roth cucumber mask, Fresh Rose Face Mask and Origins Drink Up 10 minutes to Quench Skin’s thirst.

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10 of my beauty pet peeves, what are yours?

My old hand soap finally run out today, which means it’s finally time to throw away the pump bottle with the weird gunk on the opening. Yay!….except I cannot open/uncompress the pump on the new bottle to save my life! I pulled, and thinking I’m so smart/this is probably a child proof bottle, pushed and twist it every which way until finally I gave up. I went back to the trash bag and dug up the old bottle–oh, it’s a twist top. Lovely. Do you have any beauty pet peeves or #facepalm situations? Here are my top 10. Don’t you hate it when….

  1. …..you put on a mask but then almost immediately feel a strong urge to blow your nose or scratch an itch? Hold it, hold it, hoooold it–viva la resistance!
  2. …..you finally got your nail polish all perfect with nice and clean edges, then accidentally touched something or did not wait for the 12437237 minutes you are suppose to and it’s RUINED!*wails*
  3. ……you get blemish in THE most awkward places. Wha, how??? Whyyyyy!!! The most random have to be a blackhead on my boobs, but the most embarassing are the giant ones down the middle of my face. =(
  4. ……your allergic reaction to a product doesn’t show up until days/weeks later when you lost the receipt. You’re late you’re late you’re late late late!
  5. …….you bought something that you thought was a good deal, DAYS before it went on sale. Well played, insert-store-name-here, well played indeed.
  6. …….you spent hour(s) getting your make up perfect only to realize during/after the event that it was terrible. Why hello, white circle around the eyes, how nice of you to make an appearance during my important/special moment.
  7. ……you can’t open those childproof caps. Push down and twist at same time? got it–huh? huhh??? I swear I’m not a 3 yr old (on the outside)!!!
  8. …..your beauty products smell TOO much like fresh fruits/baked good. It’s like saying here’s a juicy, succulent, perfectly ripe _insert_favorite_fruit_name_here, oh but you can’t eat it, but I’ll continue to hold it under your nose for the next 3 hrs. Grrrrrrr
  9. …..your friends, family or significant others rant on about they don’t understand why you spend money on makeup because you are already beautiful right now….when you actually have a faceful of neutral/no-makeup makeup on. Shhhhhh!
  10. …..you composed this elaborate response but when trying to post it, you can’t read the word verification. Look at it!

How do you know I’m not a robot? by the fact that when I can’t read it I COMPLAIN about it. *humph*

With this post, I finally finished the last bit of fiddling I need to do with the website, I think, I hope. Now I just need to settle into my twice a week posting schedule, once mid-week and once on the weekend. To the subscribers of this new/baby blog, thank you for your patience. =)
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Out with the old: expiration date of beauty products

Throw away skincare

Since it’s the last day of the year, it seems appropriate to do a post on make up and skincare that needs to be thrown away. If there is a change in texture, scent or color then obviously you need to throw it again (the one exception is that some sunscreen products may be separated naturally and you need to shake it up before applying). I know I know, it might have sentimental value or was expensive or you were hoping to squeeze a couple more use out of it, but c’mon! It’s a new year, new you, and let’s go into the new year with healthy habits and good makeup. Now then, how do you tell when your beauty products expire? Continue reading Out with the old: expiration date of beauty products