Speed Review: Let’s Start with Cleansing

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a speed review, so I decided to start with my cleanser samples first. Lylysa did a wonderful breakdown of different types of cleanser, but there are a few other things to remember as well. You don’t need fancy ingredients such as antioxidants in cleansers since it gets washed off, but you do need to use the cleanser appropriate for your skin type and condition. What I do is I cleanse, pat dry, then wait for 20-30 seconds then touch my skin. If it feels dry and tight, or stuffy and unclean, then try a different cleanser. 20170108_120903

Even though some cleansers state that it can remove makeup, most cleansers can take 1+ minute to completely remove makeup while makeup removers (cleansing water, oil or balm) can remove the same makeup in 20-30 seconds. So before you ditch that cleanser because it didn’t clean, did you try removing makeup first before cleansing? Did you try massaging the cleanser for 30 seconds and rinse thoroughly? If so, then no matter what rave reviews other people give, try a different one. My favorite cleansers are Boscia Purifying Cleanser and Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser, but I’ve seen good reviews for some of these samples, so I hope to find a few more favorites this time.

Anthony Logistic Glycolic Facial Cleanser – glycolic and salicylic acids are great to keep your pores clean. They quite potent and will be effective even if they are only on the skin for 20-30 seconds. This cleanser is a white lotion with fresh scent. It doesn’t foam or lather but leaves the skin feeling clean and not dry. It’s appropriate for all skin types.

Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser – my problem with most exfoliating cleansers is that it does neither well. Most of the time either there’s not enough grains to exfoliate well or the cleanser is too drying/irritating. This cleanser is a pastel orange paste with a peachy fruity scent. It’s creamy with lots of fine grains for good exfoliation but also foams a little and cleanses well. It leaves the skin feeling clean but not irritated or drying. Oily skin can use it daily, but for drier or sensitive skin it’s probably better to use every other day instead.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel – it’s not a cleanser but something I used up this month. It’s a white creamy mask with a sweet fruity scent. Peels usually stings or make my skin sensitive the next day, but this mask has no sensation whatsoever on the skin after 10min. After rinsing off my skin didn’t really feel exfoliated, just a tad drier than usual. However, my skin did feel a tad smoother the next day. If you want a gentle chemical exfoliant, this is great.

Kielh’s Ultra Facial Cleanser – the cleanser is a clear gel with a mild scent that reminds me of swimming pools. It lathers nicely so you just need to use a little bit each time. It leaves the skin feeling comfortably clean afterwards. It’s good for normal/sensitive skin, although it is not moisturizing or drying.

Nude Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly – it’s a makeup remover, not a cleanser! It’s a thick translucent gel that melt into a soft oil balm when rubbed onto dry skin. It does turn milky and start dissolving makeup after 20-30 seconds, but it’s difficulty to rinse off so you need to use a cloth or follow up with a cleanser. My skin feels soft and smooth afterwards and not stuffy, but it did left a residue. Unless you have dry skin, it’s better to follow up with a cleanser. Even as a makeup remover, I would recommend Tatcha/Shu cleansing oil or Clinique Take the Day Off Balm over this.

Origins Perfect World Cleanser – it is a creamy cleanser that smells like juicy sweet orange juice. It lathers up well and cleanses without drying the skin out. It is gentle but didn’t hydrate or dry my skin out. Recommended for dry/combination or sensitive skin. If you have oily/combination skin then try Origins Checks and Balances instead.

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Cleansing Gel – I used the giant jar of the Irish Moor Mud mask before and it was great to keep the pores clean and breakout at bay for dry/sensitive skin. The cleanser is a black gel with no scent. It foams a little and feels very gentle on the skin. My skin felt clean afterwards. It reminds me of Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser, but Boscia black line irritated my skin and this didn’t. It’s great for all skin types.

Perricone Nutritive Cleanser – it’s a clear gel cleanser with a mild scent that reminds me of baby powder. It foams a little and makes my skin look calm, less red after a day outside in the harsh winter. My skin feels moisturized but clean and smooth. It’s a little expensive but a nice cleanser for dry or sensitive skin.

Purito Snail All-In-One BB cleanser – it’s a clear gel cleanser with a fresh cucumber scent. It lathers up and rinses off well, leaving the skin feeling clean but a tiny bit tight. It’s got snail extract for healing and moisturizing as well as a few floral extract, but otherwise it’s a basic cleanser. It keeps your pH balanced, supposedly makeup remover (thus BB) and cleanser in one. It does take off makeup and is a decent cleanser for oily skin.

37 Actives Antiaging Cleansing Treatment – it’s a whitish lotion with a very mild clean scent. It does foam up slightly and rinses off cleanly. My skin does feel less dry after cleansing. It’s organic with lots of wonderful plant extracts to moisturize the skin and provide antioxidants. It is overpriced at $79 but it is great for combo/dry skin. If it’s $40 or less then I’d totally recommend it.

Overall there are some pretty good cleansers in the batch. If you want a cleanser to keep your pores clear and breakout at bay without drying out the skin, then Anthony Logistic Glycolic or Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor cleanser are great. If you have dry/sensitive skin and want a cleanser that moisturizes but leaves the skin feeling clean with no residue, then Origins Perfect World and Perricone Nutritive Cleansers are great. So, what cleanser are you using right now?


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