Eye Candy Spectacular! About that Lancome Rose

I’ve been good at refraining from buying makeup for the past year, but as soon as I saw a preview of the Lancome Rose Blush Powder, my mind went “MINE!” The first few times I saw it on Saks and Lancome website, it went out of stock before I had a chance to get it. I finally bought it from Nordstrom but it seems to be in stock from a few other retailer as well if you google it. Anyways, let’s be honest, $60 is overpriced and more for novelty sake than practicality. But it’s pretty, so let’s enjoy the eye candy~~ 20170128_145645

The product is basically a light pink fabric flower, coated in highlighter powder and packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. The product is very lightweight since it’s just a fabric rose coated in powder.20170128_145809

The cardboard lid is fitted, so it’s not difficult to open but you also won’t drop it if you pick up the product by the lid. Once opened, you are greeted with a sweet perfume scent and a beautiful light pink rose. The fabric for the rose is slightly stiff and coated in highlighter powder. I scraped a little powder off, it’s still pink underneath, so your rose will still look pretty, just less shiny, as you use it. 20170128_150057

There is no powder under the rose, all the products are on the petals. For some reason I thought a kabuki brush would be included, but it is not. I swirled my super silky and soft blue squirrel brush (Wayne Goss 02) around the rose. While it did pick up a little powder, it’s not enough for the face. It’s better to use a stiff brush or just your finger to apply it.20170128_15045820170128_150709While it is marketed as a blush highlighter, it’s a pure highlighter. It is very finely milled and provides a sheen rather than shimmer on the skin. It wears well and looks natural, so I would totally recommend it if they made it in a pressed powder form. Since there isn’t a lot of products, you are mainly paying for the novelty.

Size comparison and swatch of Guerlain Meteorites (02 Clair) and the Lancome Rose

And if you are going for novelty, I’d actually recommend Laduree Rose Petal Blush instead. The loose rose petals look more realistic, it’s cheaper ($30-40 depends on where you buy it) and the plastic container ($70ish) looks quite classy and can be used for other things after you finish the rose. I bought the rose for collector sake. Since I don’t use much makeup the highlighter will probably last me a year. So, will you be jumping on the Lancome rose train?


4 thoughts on “Eye Candy Spectacular! About that Lancome Rose

    1. I didn’t post a link to buy since they come in and out of stock so quickly, but with coupons and eBates, it shouldn’t be too bad? My practical side wants me to return it, but every time I look at it I can’t, lol. But the highlighter is very good, not shimmery or obvious but providing a light layer of glow. This may be the one makeup product I actually finishes, hopefully?

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