Tria Hair Removal 4X, Worth It?

The most expensive item I bought from Sephora is Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. I’ve used it for almost 2 months before writing this post so I can do an accurate review, and you can decide if you want to splurge before the Sephora 20% off starts early November. I’m probably the most hairy Asian I know, if you told me I’m half hobbit I’d believe you. While ladystache, hairy armpits and legs are tolerable, having .5in long hair on top of my finger, stomach, feet and toes are quite embarrassing. The only place where hair don’t grow well is on my head, which I think is due to stress/lack of sleep, although HUM Nutrition helps a little. So this year, I finally decided to try Tria 4X.


The size of the Tria X4 is about the size of a shoebox. The Tria inside has the size and weight of a small hairdryer. It’s not too heavy to maneuver and the treatment window is about the size of the nail on my index finger. If you want hair removal for large areas such as legs, Iluminage might be a better choice since it’s got a larger treatment window. Since I’m using it for hair on my fingers/toes (and armpits/upper lips if I can work up the courage), a smaller treatment window works for me. It is a tool for permanent hair reduction and you should do treatment every 2 weeks. You should see results after 3 months. This laser hair removal is best for those who’s skin and hair have a large contrast (it probably won’t for pale skin + blond hair or dark skin+black hair). They also recommend not using it on eyebrows, around genitals or on a man’s face since the hair is too thick and it may damage the skin.

20160825_12434920160825_124244Usage is simple enough. You push the button on top to turn it on, place bottom against skin to unlock, then press the laser window/tip against shaved area until the Tria beeps twice. To turn it off, you just hold down the power button until the screen turns off. There are 5 levels of intensity, with 1 being the gentlest and 5 being the most intense but also the most effective. According to the reviews I’ve read, you need to use at LEAST level 3 to see any results. So I cleansed my hand, shaved my fingers, towel dried and pressed the Tria against my hair follicles. You know those pictures of smiling models holding the Tria against their skin?


IT HURTS!!!! Ok fine, I knew it was going to hurt, but I was still shocked at first zap and had some difficulty NOT jerking back when it zaps (you should keep it pressed against your skin until after the 2 beeps). I only did top of my fingers and top of my feet, but after 15 zaps I felt like crying so I stopped. There’s no immediate visible difference. Although the zapped areas are not red, the pain did linger for a bit when I did top of my feet.

So for the 2nd session (two weeks later), I armed myself with a bucket of ice cream as consolation and tried again. It seems to hurt juuust a little less than the first time. In that it was still painful but the pain didn’t linger when I did my feet. The laser won’t zap until the zapping tip is completely covered/pressed to the skin, so I had a little difficulty getting it to cover/zap on my pinky and ring finger. I probably didn’t do it evenly but for now I just want to see some results. And I hope it won’t be as painful next time.

For the 3rd session (four weeks later), it definitely hurt less. The pain is from the laser zapping the hair, so the more thick or dark the hairs are, the more pain you will experience. That’s why it’s important to get a close/smooth shave and why it hurts less the more you use it. But now I can see that it works! The image below shows 2 weeks of hair growth after 1st treatment, in comparison with 2 weeks of hair growth after the 3rd treatment. The treatment window is still a bit large to cover my finger so the results are uneven, but the result is most obvious on my middle finger, where there is an obvious reduction in hair growth. tria1

By the 4th time, the hair are thinner, lighter, and grows slower. They look more like peach fuzz than the black forest I had before. As long as I shave cleanly, level 3 and 4 don’t feel as painful anymore. I would’ve probably seen better results faster if I used a higher setting, but I need another week or two to work up my courage for level 5.

In conclusion, it works! It really does reduce hair growth and make the hair color lighter and hair thinner as well. I hope that by upping to 5, that I will see complete and permanent hair removal (ok fine, if it stays at no more than peach fuzz, I’d be happy as well). I also hope to try it on my upper lips and armpit to get the same results. I decided to post now since the Sephora 20% off is coming soon and this is so expensive, but I’ll probably add an update here in a few months for the progress. If this result continues, then it’s definitely worth the price.

So, have you tried any permanent hair removal solutions? whether in-office or at-home, I’d love to know!


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