Tidying up your beauty products! My 3 favorite tips

Somehow or another, I ended up taking a month long break from blogging. Fall is the time when REALLY good deals comes in. 40% off! Holiday set for cheap! I want anything and everything! With that said, I’ve accumulate so much beauty products that it becomes overwhelming and it’s making me stressed instead of happy. I spent hundreds on beauty products every year. If it doesn’t make me happy, that’s a problem. To detox and jump into the holiday sale without overspending on unnecessary stuff, I decided to clean, declutter and organize first. Perhaps Amazon read my mind, since it recommended this book to me.20160914_130955

If you know exactly how you want your space to look, how you want to put/organize things and have no problem throwing things out, you may not need this book. If you are like me, where you keep getting stuck over whether to throw things out, where to keep things, and feels overwhelmed to the point where you either want to throw everything out or give up on the growing pile….. this book will be great for you. I didn’t throw out half of my house and it took me a few weeks, but it addressed all the excuses I keep telling myself and offered advice on how to tidying up efficiently. In this post, I’ll focus on my favorite tips that are the most helpful when I was decluttering my beauty stash. 

Tidying up by category instead of location.

Otherwise you will keep finding stuff you already categorized and never finishes. Take EVERYTHING of that category out (new, currently using, hiding in your purse, under the bed etc). It will give you a better idea of what you have, and make it easier to decide what to throw away. Throwing away that half dried up green eyeliner from 5 years ago may not be as difficult when you realize you’ve got 4 other newer and prettier ones. Isn’t it a waste to use stuff you only kinda like while the stuff you love are just sitting there?20160914_132342

Not only will it give you a feeling of accomplishment as you look at that big bag of stuff to throw out/donate and the pile of all the stuff you truly love, it will also help you to keep a clear head when holiday shopping. A new mascara may be justifiable, but do you REALLY need to get that 4th green eyeliner and 6th warm brown eyeshadow palette? Do you love them and will you use them more than what you already have?  But speaking of holiday shopping…

Discard first, organize, THEN buy.

You might think “well, there’s space, I can throw it away next time” even though you KNOW you will never use it. Or you might think “since I’m planning to throw out a few pink lipsticks, I’ll buy this set of 7 for now.” But then you never do, so your space is now MORE cluttered with stuff you don’t care about. If you discard as you are organizing, you will end up with empty space here and there, then you have to reorganize that part again. It is more efficient to discard then organize. Use products you love instead of neglecting it in favor of trying to finish old products you hate. 20160914_131542

If you hate throwing away usable products even if you don’t love them or won’t use them, what I do is I bring all the bottles and jars to Origins for recycling and take the chance to ask for a few samples of my favorite masks so I feel like I’m getting something out of it. You can also bring your old clothe/towels/fabric to any H&M store for a 15% off coupon!

Organize in a way that makes it easy to TIDY UP.

Often times we organize by ease of use by putting them in 2-3 different places. Find one place to put products of the same category. It will make it easier to tidy up and once you get into the habit, it’s also easier to decide what you have and what you want to use since everything is together.20160914_145625Also, keep everything in plain sight or drawers instead of boxes, this way it’s easier to organize AND use. I have lots of pretty boxes, I put things in them, but I’m too lazy to use them since it’s a hassle with them stacked on top of each other. Over time, I forget what’s in them and end up neglecting or buying similar products. Instead of fancy organizing gadgets, try to picture yourself using them and think about if they really do fit your needs. I now use boxes as dividers in drawers, or as drawers on my shelves.


Does it make you happy?

Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to. I have a habit where I save the best for last. But since I go through makeup very slowly, I end up only using stuff I don’t care for while the products I love stay neglected, forgotten and expires before I can enjoy them. Now that I’ve whittled my stash down to only products I love, I’m happier and enjoys my beauty products again. I’m also more conscious of my purchases since I now know exactly what I love/have and is less impulsive/spendy. I can either spend $50 on a product I like just because it’s 40% off, or keep the money and use the products I love and already have. When you are deciding what to keep, think does it make you happy when you use it? When you are deciding what to buy, think 3 months from now, will you still happily pay full price for it and use it?

ps. if you find the tips I mentioned useful and want more, perhaps to declutter your whole house, buy the book. It’s worth the $10, to me at least.


3 thoughts on “Tidying up your beauty products! My 3 favorite tips

  1. Glad to hear that you’ve been having fun organizing! I love doing that and find it so relaxing. And I love your idea of why keep using your second stringers when you have the first string well loved things getting old and expired. I’m going now to throw out that icky DS sunscreen that I have been using even though I hate the smell and open a new tube of my favorite Sunprise from Etude House!

    1. Do it! Or use the stuff you don’t like on your hand. It’s inevitable that things expire, and once I get over the initial tentativeness of using my “first string” I’m glad I did instead of letting it getting old while stubbornly trying to finish “second stringers”.

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