Marc Jacobs Up All Night Lip Creme Set. Love

Sephora had an event yesterday for VIB/Rouge to preview and buy holiday sets in advance (you also get x2/x3/x4 points all week if you are BI/VIB/Rouge). I really went to pick up my free birthday present, to stuff myself with free pastries and didn’t really need anything. It’s a nice event since it’s not super crowded, there’s plenty of food and the staff are super friendly. I was going to grab a pack of Shiseido cotton and get out, but then I saw this20160910_143240 I couldn’t keep my eyes off the Marc Jacobs clutch. It’s SHINY! It’s PINK! It’s got a big tassel and it’s Marc Jacob! Oh right, it’s also got mini lipsticks in it, if you are interested.20160910_143316Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite fashion designer. While I love LOVE Highliner, the brushes, the blushes and the nail polishes, I just don’t care for the lip liner or Kiss Pop. However, these lipsticks are pigmented, easy to apply and moisturizing on the lips. 20160910_143859The colors are: No Angel (apricot nude), Slow Burn (creamy nude rose), OH Miley! (strawberry spice), Miss Scarlet (deep ruby), and Scandal (intense plum). The vanilla scent is barely noticeable, it has a creamy finish and leaves a beautiful even stain even after you wipe off the lipstick.20160910_143547

Ok, I like the lipsticks, now let’s talk about the clutch. I LOVE the clutch! It’s a beautiful fuchsia with a slight metallic sheen. The outside feels like soft smooth patent and slightly padded. It is a hard case, structured and made of polyester fabric inside. The clutch is 1-1.5in tall. It is big enough to hold a few card, but barely able to hold my Galaxy Note phone (it’s just a hair too narrow with the phone case on, it can hold an iphone fine). I’m not exactly sure when I’ll use the clutch, but it’s beautiful and I love it. The clutch looks and feels like something that would cost $50, and did I mention that I love it?20160910_14431020160910_144430

I obviously bought it for the beautiful clutch but the mini lipsticks are nice as well. They are pigmented, long-lasting, easy to apply and this set is a great introduction if you don’t want to splurge for a full size yet. Here’s the ingredients list for the 5 mini lipsticks.20160910_144122

So, will you be getting it, or other holiday sets?


4 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Up All Night Lip Creme Set. Love

  1. Marc Jacobs makes wonderful lipsticks and this looks like an awesome gift for someone (or yourself) who loves makeup. The clutch just makes it a no brainer.

    1. Haha, I was trying SO hard to hold back until the 20% off later, but the moment I had the tiny thought “well, it could be a birthday present to se-” the set was in my hand and I was already at the register. =X

  2. I loved the clutch in person too and am still thinking about picking this up. But i hesitated cuz I thought it would be crazy to buy it just for the clutch haha! But it does look like I would wear at least a few shades so I may have to grab this after all lol

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