From Day to Night: Easy Makeup Transitions!

Can you believe it’s almost September? However, the weather where I’m at still screams of summer and summer vacations. One of my favorite vacation spot within US is Las Vegas. It’s interesting to see the mini Pyramid, Camelot, Eiffel Tower and Venice styled complex on the strip, but my favorite part is watching the water fountain “dancing” to the music in front of Bellagio, and you MUST go to O by Cirque du Soleil at least once! I actually went there because of a conference and didn’t really plan anything, but if you are going, definitely check on sites such as for best deals so you are not stuck waiting and paying extra for the show that starts in 3 hours. Still worth it tho. Even among circuses, how often do you see a stage opening up to reveal a lake/pool underneath????

One thing that I did not enjoy, however, was my makeup melting off my face, and I was too lazy to carry a bunch of makeup with me while walking. However, I’ve learned a few things since then, such as how easy it is to transition your makeup from day to night with only 2-3 products. It’s proven quite convenient lately when there’s a social event I want to go to right after work and I don’t want to redo my makeup.

Start with a good canvas20160831_082518

By the end of the day, my face feels dirty, greasy and sometimes dry. Blotting paper helps to lift away dirt/oil without smudging your makeup, and they won’t dry you out or emphasizes dry patches like powders do. If you need a little touch up, a BB cushion or highlighter concealer pen is a great way to do so since the applicator is included. If you like to use powder but don’t want to carry it, you can get a retractable/travel powder brush, generously swirl it in the powder, then just take the brush for touch-up later. If you have dry skin and want a glow, use a facial oil! Rub a little facial oil on your fingertips, then gently pat/press to the area you want to highlight. It will give you a little glow AND extra hydration! I usually just do Boscia or Tatcha blotting paper, then a few swipes of Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen then I’m ready to go.

Bring out your eyes!20160831_083109

Now that your face is clean and properly mattified/hydrated, I like to add a pop of color to my eyes with a jewel-toned eyeliner. Eyeliners are easy to carry and apply. My favorite thing to do is to add a swipe of jewel-toned eyeliner on top of my black/brown eyeliner. You can also get fancy with doing two jewel-toned eyeliners together, like blue/purple, emerald/blue, or my current obsession: orange and red like in this video:

The most smudgeproof eyeliners I’ve tried are Kat von D Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner in Trooper and Marc Jacob Highliners (which comes in so many pretty jewel-tones!). I love both of them, although currently I’m also obsessed with Diorshow Color&Contour Duo and Tom Ford Cream&Powder Eye Color. The Diorshow is a dual ended eyeliner/cream shadow, it’s easy to smudge/blend but sets within 5-10 seconds and becomes impossible to smudge. The Tom Ford duo consists of a cream shadow, glitters that actually stays where you applied it, and a mirror on the cap so you can apply it anywhere!

Ombre lips? yes please!20160831_084729

I like food, and most fun events I attended involves eating so I usually stops here. But when I do wear lip color, I like doing an ombre lip. Not only is it more fun than your good old red or pink, it’s also a good way to experiment with colors you usually don’t wear. The only rule is this: ALWAYS start with the lighter color, then add the darker color to the middle/outline as you see fit, then blend blend blend. It can be as subtle or outrageous as you want, I usually choose two colors with the same undertone (cool, warm etc). My favorite combo for special occasions is red on the outside and orange on the inside, my favorite combo for day is nude pink on the outside and dark pink on the inside, and I posted both before.

If you have a favorite makeup look, you can print out a face chart from online, draw the makeup look on it and jot down the product name so you can replicate it later. To transition makeup from day to night, or from work to party, I usually just carry blotting paper, a highlighting concealer pen, and a jewel-toned eyeliner with me. It doesn’t take much room or time and makes my makeup pop. While I can’t go to Vegas right now, I AM going to go drink some Sangria Tea and watch my favorite chick flick, Devil Wears Prada. That’s all.


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