Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Cucumbers!

Cucumber slices have long been used as eye masks to calm and hydrate, and with good reasons. Cucumber contains plenty of vitamin K, an antioxidant that fights dark circles under the eyes. It also reduces swelling and water retention, thus are great for reducing puffiness. The vitamin A, B-5 and C helps to fight dark spots and retain moisture while silica helps to fight wrinkles. Not only that, cucumbers also have a high water content and cooling properties, thus making it a great way to soothe skin burns and irritations.20160520_132532

As many DIY cucumber mask recipes as there are online, I’ve only eaten them since I always thought their benefits are only due to it being cool and wet. Now that I know it is definitely beneficial, I’ll definitely have to start playing around with DIYs using it!

Skin type: Sensitive skin, dry skin and early aging skin.

Purpose: Hydrates, soothes, debuffs and anti-wrinkle.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Cucumber20160520_132639

The essence is very liquidy with a clean floral scent. The paper cloth sheet is thin but smooth and sturdy. It feels comfortable and absorbs well into the skin, leaving my face feeling clean and moisturized. There’s also plenty of leftover serum to massage onto neck, hands or save for next day.

Dermal Cucumber Collagen Essence Mask


The liquidy essence has a mild powdery floral cucumber scent like those vintage/old school face creams. The paper cloth sheet is thin, smooth and sturdy. It hydrates well, absorbs easily and skin feel clean afterwards. It is very lightweight so I had to put a lightweight moisturizer on.

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet, Cucumber


The liquidy gel have a clean floral scent. The paper cloth sheet is thin, smooth and sturdy. The mask feels cool and the skin feel moisturized afterward. However, it is just a tad greasy and takes awhile to absorb.

THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask Cucumber


The clear liquidy essence has a mild clean floral scent. The paper cloth sheet is thin, smooth and sturdy. It feels comfortable on the skin, absorbs well and leaves no residue even after massaging on the leftover serum. My skin feels hydrated but not stuffy.

Overall, I’m surprised that none of them smells like cucumber. While the sheets are pretty much the same, the essence is a bit different. Nature Republic turns out to be richer and better for dry skin while Dermal is very lightweight and appropriate for all skin types including oily. Innisfree and THEFACESHOP are inbetween and I have combination skin, so I like them the best.


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