Swatchfest: Summer blushes! Marc Jacob, BeccaxJH or Estee Edit?

Finally went to the mall last weekend! It was my first time in months and there were so many pretty blushes and highlighters. I haven’t been posting or even wearing makeup lately, but these are too beautiful to not share. Marc Jacobs is a hit or miss for me generally. I love my Marc Jacobs lip balm, Highliner and nail polish, but I’m not as enthusiastic about the lip colors. Fortunately, these Air Blush Soft Glow Duo are a hit.

20160729_130350The powders are soft and easy to pick up, but not dusty or fragile. The colors are pigmented but soft and blendable with a natural finish. The top row are the lighter color for the Glow Duo, bottom are the darker color for the Glow Duo and the middle are the two mixed together. There is a color difference between the lighter and darker side, and the palette is big enough that you can easily adjust to go lighter or darker. Despite the name, these Glow Duo are not very shimmery or glowy but more like a gradient blush. However, if you want natural looking blushes that are easy to work with and great for all skintones, then I would definitely recommend these.

20160729_134850The Estee Edit Barest Blush were also on display, so I decided to swatch them as well. There is a very light shimmery blot shape on top of the blushes, but it goes away after a few swatches to reveal the blush underneath. The colors are soft with a natural finish just like Marc Jacobs, but with a more nude undertone and the powder gets slightly more dusty when swatched. The colors melt into the skin and is very natural looking. You will never look like a clown with these whether you are a beginner or is heavy-handed.

On the other hand, if you prefer your blushes/highlighters to take the center stage rather than as a compliment to the rest of your makeup, Becca x Jaclyn Hill Duo is what you want! So shimmery, so pigmented and so great for contouring!20160729_131531The highlighter provides a beautiful multicolored shimmer while the blushes are very pigmented. Champagne pop have more of a peachy gold sheen while Prosecco Pop have more of a nude sheen. The blushes have a natural finish but are very pigmented. You definitely want to use a super soft or fan brush when applying these. These are great if you like a very blushy or highlighted look.

And as I was walking out, I saw the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lightening Powder on display. They are meant to be used for strobing/highlighting, unlike the Ambient Powder that can be used all over the face, so they are a bit more shimmery than the all over powders. They are less shimmery and have a bit more color than the BeccaxJH Duos, great if you like a natural finish. It’s the same texture as the Hourglass Ambient Powder, and it’s difficult to capture the shimmers but these are the color undertones.20160729_135324

If you like shimmer and pigmented blushes, BeccaxJacyln Hill Duo is a great choice for contouring or more pronounced looks. Estee Lauder is great for everyone since it provides soft color with a nude undertone. If you like Hourglass Ambient Powder and want a natural glow highlighter, then the Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder will not disappoint. When all things considered, Marc Jacob Duo is more my type since it can be natural or bold and I can do a slight blush contouring with the lighter/darker shade. I’m trying very hard to hold back because I know Sephora will DEFINITELY have a 20% off in the fall. So, did any new makeup catch your eyes lately?


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