Why Sugar? Fresh, SkinFood and Ole Henriksen sugar scrubs

Sugar and salt are essential part of our diet. When too much is consumed, they are bad for your health and your skin. But when used topically, sugar and salt can work wonders. Salt is a natural antiseptic, contains minerals that helps to detox the body and relax the muscles. However, it can also be very drying and abrasive on the skin, so I prefer to use it on the body rather than face.20160112_142704Sugar, on the other hand, is a humectant so it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. Sugar granules, especially brown sugar, tend to be gentler than salt. Sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid, which helps to exfoliate chemically and encourage cell turnover. In terms of application, it is the same for all three sugar scrub/masks I’m reviewing today. You gently rub it on clean dry skin, or damp skin if you want it to be gentler, wait 15 minutes, then rinse off and enjoy your smooth skin!


Ole Henriksen Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask

This polishing mask is fine sugar and pomegranate seed granules suspended in a honey gel solution. There is enough granule to give a good scrub and the honey prevents it from falling off your face. It smells like very sweet fruit juice and feels a little abrasive due to the pomegranate seeds. It feels like a honey mask as you leave it on. It’s not as abrasive as the Ole Henriksen almond and walnut scrubs due to the honey. It rinses off easily and makes the skin SUPER SOFT.

It feels slightly more abrasive than the other two sugar scrub when rubbed onto the skin. However, the skin feels more hydrated and softer than after using the other two masks, probably due to the mixture of honey and nourishing oils.

The consistency/granule differences between Ole Henriksen, SkinFood and Fresh.

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask

The ingredients in this is more basic than the other two masks, with just sugar and oil but no fruit acid or honey. The “mineral enriched Brazilian black sugar” granules are also much larger the sugar granule used in the other two masks. Because of the size and how thick the paste is, you should definitely apply it on damp or wet skin to prevent it from falling off. It has a fresh and clean scent, reminds me a little of lemon zest. As you scrub, it melt into a slippery mask. After you rinse it off, the skin feels smooth but not as hydrated as after using Ole Henriksen.

Ingredients list of Fresh and SkinFood.

Fresh Sugar Face Polish

The Fresh polish is a sugary paste with wild strawberries for a dose of vitamin C and a blend of fruit/nut oils to moisturize the skin. It smells like brown sugar with a hint of fruit. The sugar granules are very fine, so it melt easily and is best applied on dry/damp skin rather than wet/damp skin. It does give a good scrub before melting into a slippery mask. It is the gentlest of the three scrub but is not as moisturizing as SkinFood and doesn’t make the skin as soft as Ole Henriksen.

I have to say I don’t see what the hype about Skinfood Black Sugar Mask is, it is too rough due to the large grain. It’s not bad for $15ish, but it’s got fragrance and paraben and you can probably DIY it for cheaper and better. Fresh is great for sensitive skin while Ole Henriksen makes the skin feel smoothest and a bit more hydrating. And it is also a bit cheaper, so Ole Henriksen is my favorite sugar scrub out of the three.


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