Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatchfest!

How many lipstick swatches can you fit on your arm?…. is a question that I don’t really ask myself. But apparently, approximately 24. Urban Decay decided to come out with the Vice series of lipsticks with a hundred shades! From brights to nudes to metallic to green/purple. I liked their Revolution formula and saw this sample as a promo on Sephora, so I have to get it to test it out. And I haven’t been wearing makeup in almost half year. So what better way to jump-start my makeup love again than with 24 new shades of lipsticks? The samples range from purple/pink to red/brown to nude and includes all 6 finishes, so it gives me a good idea of the range. 20160618_13164420160618_131707

The swatches are in the same position as the sample, starting with Seismic on top left to Gubby on bottom right corner. Some pink/red shades are particularly long-lasting and stubborn, so much that you can still see the stain after I cleansed with cleansing water!20160618_135125Here are the names and description of the shades starting from top left column:

  • Seismic – sheer shimmery purple
  • Pandemonium – an opaque matte purple (“mega matte” in fact)
  • Jilted – creamy reddish grape/wine color
  • Firebird – creamy bright fuchsia
  • Menace – medium fuchsia-pink with comfort matte finish, a bit brighter and less purple than Firebird.
  • Big Bang – metallic magenta, bright purple/pink with silver shimmer
  • Sheer Anarchy – sheer cool pink
  • Psycho – bright rose/fuchsia with iridescent blue micro-sparkle with comfort matte finish. You can’t feel the sparkles but you can see the individual sparkles on the lips.
  • Rocksteady – creamy deep wine red
  • Manic – creamy soft wine
  • Gash – creamy red with cool shimmer
  • 714 – bright red with mega matte finish
  • Disturbed – deep brick red with comfort matte finish
  • Blackmail – deep berry wine with comfort matte finish
  • EZ – creamy bright red-orange
  • Snitch – sheer pale coral-pink
  • Conspiracy – metallized plum-bronze
  • Rapture – creamy dusty rose
  • Amulet – metallic brick rose
  • ZZ – creamy soft pink-purple
  • Naked – creamy nude pink
  • Backtalk – mauve-nude pink with comfort matte finish
  • Stark Naked – light warm brown nude with comfort matte finish
  • Gubby – metallized/frosted light pink

So that’s swatches of all 24 colors and their name/description. Some swatches look very different from the sample pocket and in different lighting due to their finish.20160618_135834

The Vice lipsticks have 6 different finishes and they feel different on the lips as well:

  • Sheer – It looks and feels like tinted lip balm, but more pigmented.
  • Sheer shimmer – It looks and feels like a tinted lip balm. The glitters are not chunky so you can’t see it or feel it, it just gives more of a glisten/shine than sheer.
  • Metallic – It feels like a lip balm and looks shimmery rather than a metallic sheen. You can kind of feel the shimmer on the lips but it’s not obvious/gritty.
  • Creamy – It feels comfortable on the lips, not moisturizing or drying.
  • Comfortably matte – It feels like normal lipstick, not as drying as most matte lipstick. Lips look dull but not completely matte (paper matte) like mega matte.
  • Mega matte –  It feels like a matte lipstick and is a little drying on the lips after a few hours, but not as drying as other matte lipsticks I’ve tried before. Very pigmented, completely opaque and matte.

Overall I’m a fan of all of them, the matte are not as drying as I expected and the metallic is more wearable than I thought. The brights without shimmer are the most longlasting, leaving a stain even after a full day and makeup remover. Below is the ingredients list, click to enlarge and see details. So, will you be getting any UD Vice lipsticks? 20160618_132820


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