Ingredient/Sheet Masks Highlight: Ginseng

Ahh ginseng, the king of herbs and THE most popular health supplement for the elderly and sick. When consumed, it’s good for health, energy and longevity. In terms of skincare, it helps to reduce wrinkles and enhances the production of collagen. It is also anti-inflammatory with plenty of antioxidants, which helps to reduce acne, irritation and environmental damage. Ginseng also contains a large amount of phytonutrients, which stimulate the skin’s metabolism and helps with detox as well as blood circulation.


I have consumed oriental and American ginseng before, but don’t have much experience with it in skincare since it’s mostly for mature skin. Sulwhasoo and Erborian are the only good brands I know with a line of ginseng products, but a lot of Asian brands tend to add a little ginseng here and there in the ingredients.

Skin Types: Mature, problem and dry skin types.

Purpose: Anti-aging, brightening, rejuvenating and moisturizing.

Sephora Ginseng Mask


The mask is a little yellow with a very earthy scent. The sheet is thick paper cloth embossed with Sephora logo. The sheet is average in length but a bit wider than most. The essence is more of a gel serum and there isn’t any leftover to rub onto the skin afterwards. After taking off the mask, my skin feels refreshed and the serum absorbs quickly. It didn’t feel greasy or stuffy, and if you have dry/combination skin you might need a moisturizer afterwards.

THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask, Red Ginseng


It is a folded sheet with brown liquid and a strong floral earthy scent. The sheet is thin but sturdy paper cloth and a size larger than my face, in width and length. If you find most sheets too small, this is great for you. The essence is liquidy and absorbs well. My skin feels moisturized and refreshed. This is best for combination or dry skin, if you have oily skin you can just massage on the leftover serum and call it a day.

Ginseng is widely known and has been proven as an effective anti-aging ingredient, so if you have mature skin I would recommend give ginseng skincare a try. Cheers!


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