When Giveaway! Snow Magic and Glamour Base Review

Last month I saw a campaign on Brandbacker from When, my first (mask) love, where bloggers were sent two masks for honest review. AND, they prepared a prize for the best 10 content creators. ONE HUNDRED MASKS for each of the 10 bloggers! I’ve never been lucky when it comes to giveaway and these kind of things. The one time that I won, it was a Facebook giveaway for a pair of $2,000 designer heels. BUT they only sent a Facebook message to the winner….. which went straight to my “other” folder so I never got the notifications and didn’t realize I won until a year, a WHOLE YEAR later. It’s been years and I’m still bitter to this day. Anyways, I edited and proofread my post a hundred times, crossed my fingers and hoped. And I was selected as one of the ten! Tadaa~~~~~ ❤20160523_174130

Thank you, When, for the awesome opportunity and all the masks! So, now seems like a good time to try and review the other two When masks. I’ve set aside some masks for me, my friends, and the end-of-year giveaway I always do on the blog (it’s going to be good this year!). But who wants to wait? So here’s a little giveaway now! The prizes were sent with no strings attached. I don’t have to do a review or giveaway or anything, but I have them so of course I’d review them. Disclaimer: Whether a product was provided for free or bought by me have no influence on my opinion of the product.


All When masks use the same coconut cellulose sheet, which holds much more essence/liquid than paper masks and adheres to the face better than hydro-gel masks. I feel like my skin stay hydrated longer after using a coconut mask than paper mask. The only other coconut sheet masks I’ve tried are Farmacy, which are slightly thinner and the essences are a bit richer. I’d say When is good for any skin type at any time, while Farmacy is better for drier skin and at night.

TIPS: If you are stingy like me, you probably leave the sheet masks on way longer than recommended 15-30 minutes. However, with coconut cellulose mask, do NOT leave the mask on until it dries! It WILL imprint wrinkles/creases onto your face. However, after you put on the coconut mask, if you apply the leftover essence from the packet on top, it will keep the mask wet/damp longer so you can keep it on your face a bit longer. 😉


Glamour Base

This was originally named Makeup Base. They didn’t reformulated, they just changed the name for US distribution. So if your mask is named Makeup Base, it’s not an old batch and they are the same formula. As for the mask, it’s coconut cellulose mask with a juicy zesty lime scent. It feels cool and comfortable on the mask. The skin feel moisturized but smooth and almost dry after taking it off, so you can put makeup on right after. My skin has been super dehydrated lately. No matter what serum and moisturizer I use in the morning, my cheeks feel thin and dry by the afternoon. I used this mask instead of serum, then applied moisturizer with SPF and makeup on top. It didn’t feel like too many layers and my skin stayed comfortably moisturized all day!

Flawless makeup starts with hydrated and smooth skin, this doesn’t leave any greasy residue and works wonderfully under SPF/makeup. The only caveat is, well, it’s meant to get you ready for makeup and you are supposed to leave it on for 30 minutes. I’m always in a rush in the morning and don’t have time for it. If you do, great. If you don’t, it’s great as regular hydrating sheet mask at night or for special occasions.

Snow Magic

At last! I feel like I’ve come full circle. My journey into sheet masks started with When Snow Angel, and now I’m ending the review with When Snow Magic. The mask was renamed and reformulated, where arbutin from the original mask was replaced with niacinamide. Arbutin works well for me, but it is a form of hydroquinone, which is a controversial ingredient. Niacimide is also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid. It helps with skin texture, sun damage and discoloration. It is more of an overall anti-aging ingredient rather than one that focuses on brightening.

But anyways, about the mask! Snow Magic is a coconut cellulose mask with a clean, floral and… soapy? scent. It’s not unpleasant, but rather a little like those scented cleaning spray. My skin felt hydrated and calm. It seems to have toned down the redness a little bit, not sure if it’s temporary and the difference is not as noticeable as I remember Snow Angel did. But that was years ago and it was my first mask, so my memory may not be accurate. My skin feels dry and ready for other products right after I take the mask off. There is quite a bit of leftover essence, a clear liquidy gel, in the packet. If you massage it on after the mask, it leaves a sticky residue that takes awhile to absorb, so I say save it to use as serum the next day.


For reviews of the other three When masks, check out this post. I go to sheet masks for hydration, everything else is secondary to me (brightening, anti-aging etc) so I think I like Travelmate the best, followed by 10pm, both of which can be used any time by any skin type. I would totally go for Glamour Base for special occasions, especially if my skin is not ideal but I need to look good. If you do care about brightening try Snow Magic, or if you have super dry skin try Last Choice.

And now that I’ve reviewed all 5 When masks, I’m giving away a set of 5 When masks! Giveaway is US only and ends midnight on June 19, 2016. To enter:

  1. Comment below with what you are looking to get out of a mask, not necessarily sheet masks, and what your favorite mask is, if any. 
  2. Then enter your email in this rafflecopter link, which is what I will use to choose and email the winner.

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. The winner is Emma R.! Thank you to everyone who entered, there will be more before end of this year so keep an eye out. Cheers!


26 thoughts on “When Giveaway! Snow Magic and Glamour Base Review

  1. I have dry mature skin so I look for deep hydration and firming. I don’t have a single favorite right now but I am partial to Korean sheet masks enriched with hyaluronic acid,niacinimide, and collagen.

  2. I look for hydration and brightening the most. Tonymoly masks are probably my favorite, but I love sheet masks in general and am always trying new ones.

  3. With mature oily/combo skin, I look for tightening, brightening, pore cleansing, or pore reducing masks. It depends on the condition of my skin at the moment. I love using sheet masks with or after using my facial steamer.

  4. My skin is mature and on the dry side, so i am looking for hydration and brightening from a mask. I’ve tried several but have yet to find a favorite!

  5. I’m always trying a ton of masks which is why I’m always checking your blog for reviews. I usually look for hydrating or brightening but I’ll switch it up depending on my skin condition. Currently my favorite sheet mask is probably by Dr Jart at the moment as I’ve been working my way through the set I bought. Have you tried tony moly’ bubble sheet mask?? So weird. Makes my face itchy.

  6. I look for skin clearing and anti-acne properties in my masks. I use them to calm little bits of redness and soothe/improve breakouts!

  7. I’ve got combination skin and large pores, so I look for masks that can “shrink” pores. Still looking! In addition, I wanted to say “Congratulations!” and thank you for sharing the wealth; it is very generous of you!!

  8. I have combination skin with large pores, so I look for masks that “shrink” my pores. Still looking! In addition, I wanted to say “Congratulations!” and thank you for sharing the wealth!! It is very generous of you! 🙂

  9. I’m looking for hydration but also some tightening of my pores! I haven’t found a favorite mask yet!

  10. I love face masks and have used them since I was a young girl at my great Aunt’s house. I’m looking for a mask that clears my pores and hydrates my face.

  11. Hi Chic Dabbler,

    Has a winner from your June 19th drawing been announced yet? It is now June 26th, and I haven’t heard anything about anyone’s name being drawn yet. 🙂

    1. Yes it has! I mentioned the winner on the blogpost posted the day it ended and you can also see the winner’s name on the rafflecopter widget, but I probably should have added an update at end of this post as well.

      Thank you for entering the giveaway, there will be more coming so I hope you will continue to enjoy this blog. Cheers!

  12. Thank you for your response. I see that you had updated this post with the winner’s name just now.

    Maybe what you should have done was a separate quickie post on June 19th with the winner’s name – that is what another blogger from BT did when she announced the winner’s name from a contest/sweepstake that she ran a bit earlier.

    I say this only because most people would not think to come back to your original post for an update. I know that I don’t come back to the original post for a winner’s name. 🙂

    1. The giveaway ended on June 13th, so I announced the winner of the giveaway in the blog post for June 13th. I always announce the winner in the blogpost published the day after a giveaway ends, but I will try to make it more obvious next time for people that don’t read every blogpost. =)

  13. Forgive me for belaboring the point, but your giveaway stated that the giveaway would end at midnight, June 19, 2016 (see the very last section of your When giveaway post of May 29th) and now you say that it ended June 13th. Huh???????

    Then your June 13th post about Favorite Summer Cleansers said nothing about a winner (in the headline), but I found it a bit hidden after your first two paragraphs. I think a lot of people are in the same place (like me) wondering what happened to your giveaway/sweepstake/winner.

    So, to be clear, in the future I think you should either 1) write a very short and separate quickie post about a winner being chosen, or 2) incorporate something about the winner being chosen in the headline of your regular post(s).

    Thank you for listening!! 🙂

    1. Oops, my sincerest apologies about that. The rafflecopter widget was set to end on June 13th, but I wrote the wrong date in the post. No one noticed and I didn’t realize the date discrepancy either. I was trying to make the giveaway more legit by using rafflecopter but ended up with a typo instead. I’ll take your advice into consideration and triple, quadriple, check what I write next time as well as make the giveaway more obvious. Thank you for letting me know.

  14. Hi CD,

    Thanks for your humble return reply!

    Also, thank you for taking my advice into consideration. You made me laugh out loud when you said that you’ll triple and quadruple check what you write the next time!!! 😀

    Lastly, you get a very BIG thumbs up from me for writing such informative and detailed blogposts! Keep up the great work!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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