Eye Candy Spectacular! Disney for the grown up princesses

This is purely eye candy, because they are really really pretty, and because I really don’t know where you can get them now. I saw the Cinderella mirror on eBay for like $200 last year and I haven’t seen any since. This is from the very first Sephora+Disney collaboration. The collection consists of three princesses: Cinderella, Jasmine and Ariel.


There were a lot of products in each collection, with the highlight being the eyeshadow palettes and the compact mirror. I’m picky about eyeshadow quality so I went for the compact mirrors instead, and they are every bit as beautiful as I expected with impressive attention to details. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. =)20160518_16420920160518_164318 20160518_16423220160518_164341It’s hard to really impress me because I nitpick about everything, but this series is well designed. Not only was the mirrors beautiful, the packaging is also absolutely beautiful from the background pattern, the embossed orders, the whimsical phrases and even down to the Disney shaped bar code! I never thought I would love a bar code, but I do here, lol.20160518_16480820160518_16522420160518_165123The compact mirrors themselves are quite heavy. They are made of sturdy plastic. There is nothing on the back of the mirror, but the front of the mirror have beautiful graphics under clear lucite/plastic, so it is a bit front heavy. My favorite is Cinderella with the clock design, the gold Jasmine lamp overlay actually has a purple image of the palace underneath, and the Ariel one has an image of their kiss on the boat surrounded by fishes!20160518_16574120160518_16590020160518_165938Inside the compact are mirrors on both sides, and there is a quote on the inside of each compact. The Ariel one should probably say “It’s got to be you” instead of “you’ve got to be you”, but whatever, look how pretty they are! Due to popular demands, Sephora came out with another series of princess compact last year. compact-boxes

They look more Disney/cartoonish and less elegant, so I didn’t get them. And no, I’m not selling any of the three mirrors I already have. I’m just sharing pretty pictures, and if you find any for sale, good luck! There is currently a Sephora and Minnie collection, get it while you can!


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