Shoes of Prey, Preying on my Wallet

Before I was obsessed with skincare, I was obsessed with fashion. And of course, SHOES!!! Over the years, my taste has gotten more refined. But even if you look at designer shoes with three digit price tags, it’s difficult to find heels that are beautiful AND comfortable. It’s not steady enough, it doesn’t have enough padding, the toe box feel squished, the heel is not the shape I wanted, the fabric/color is …..and so on. Well, one day I saw a friend posting pictures of her custom-made shoes from Shoes of Prey and that was the day my wallet died. I know this is a beauty blog, but beautiful and COMFORTABLE shoes make me feel beautiful, so err, totally relevant, yeah.SoPI ended up spending hours, HOURS, designing my ideal shoes from shiny leather, glitter, lace, prints and hundreds of options. But my biggest concern is comfort. I don’t care if it’s made of diamond, but if I can’t walk around the whole day in it, it’s not worth it. Depending on the shoe design and material, it can cost anywhere between $100 to $300. That’s a lot of money so I searched for detailed reviews before buying. Most blog reviews are sponsored (they send blogger shoes to try then return, so it doesn’t really touch upon the custom-made aspect of it). Well, lucky for me (sarcasm) my shoes end up being half size too big so my review is going to be an extra comprehensive, har har.20160428_130544The wait was torturous. I got an order confirmation right after payment, but then heard nothing for two weeks. Just when I was getting antsy, I got an email that my shoes are at allocation station, after a week or two you get a quality assurance email, then it was shipped the day after that! It shipped via DHL and only take 3 days or so to get to me. The shoes come in a classy black shoebox, with a picture of the shoes you designed, and an envelope of 4 coupons (1 for you and 3 for your friends!). Inside the shoebox, you get a fabric bag for your heels, a package of paddings to help make your shoes more fitted/comfortable, and extra heel tips!20160428_13070420160428_130823It looks exactly like how it is on the website when I designed it. The upper is grey micro-suede with silver polka dot and the sole/heels/strap are black patent leather. The insoles are made of soft leather by default. It’s unreasonable to expect 3.4in heels to feel like sneakers, but it feels more like a sturdy and padded 2in heel. It’s the most sturdy 3.4in heels I’ve ever tried, and I managed to walk 25min (1mile) in it on a treadmill with no pain or discomfort at all, so I’d say that’s a win in the practicality and comfort department.20160428_131138The shoes are very well made, and did you see the unique mary jane strap??? It’s actually a hook so you can just hook your shoes with one hand instead of fumbling with the buckle forever. It’s sturdy, it’s comfortable, it’s well made and beautiful. Now, for the nitpicking part. The bottom of the sole is a smooth rubber, so you will want to buy some anti-slip sole protector if you want traction or don’t want it scratched up. 20160428_131824The shoes felt a bit big when I tried it on. If I didn’t buckle the strap, it is impossible to walk around without my feet slipping out of the shoes, even with the padding. So I finally emailed Shoes of Prey, they emailed back within a day, saying if you can stick a finger in comfortably halfway down, it’s probably half a size too big and I should fill out the return form. On the return/remake form, you can go down/up in length AND width. They also asked for picture to help making sure the shoes are perfect.PhotoGrid_1461959959283So that is the picture I submitted with the remake form. They asked you to send only the shoes back, not the accessories. Pack it safely, choose cheapest shipping and then scan/upload image of the receipt to get credit on shipping for your next order. I was so paranoid since I’ve had both really great and really terrible customer service experiences with things. What if they don’t believe it was the cheapest shipping? What if they saw scratches on the sole from treadmill and refuse to remake or refund me? What if the remade ones are terrible and too small?? Oh wait, I think there was a sticker on the sole that I threw away. aaaaahhh!20160428_130950But two weeks later (after the order, allocation, shipping email etc), I got my new, remade, perfect shoes in the same packaging (shoebox, coupons, accessories etc so now I have two sets of everything with 1 pair of shoes). And yes, I walked on the treadmill for 21min (1 mile) with barefeet and no padding in these shoes. My feet only felt mild discomfort that disappeared as soon as I took off the shoes, so I’d say it’s a win. The only nitpick I can find is that you get a tiny bit of toe cleavage and the toebox is a cross between almond and pointy. You can get a more pointy toebox, but not a rounder one, or one without toe cleavage. Aside from that, I can vouch for the look, comfort and easy remake process at least. They ship world-wide and if you are thinking of placing your first order, here’s the 10% coupon code I got: SHOELOVE417, SHOELOVE427, and SHOELOVE437. They supposedly are one use and expires 30 days from when I get the shoes, so if you want 10% off use them before June 15!


3 thoughts on “Shoes of Prey, Preying on my Wallet

  1. Interesting! If I didn’t have an orthopedic issue with my right foot, I’d be all over these. You really designed the cutest heels in the world, I hope you have a blast in them!

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