Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: All About Berries

It’s almost summer! Yaaaay! And my favorite part? BERRIES! Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries that I just can’t get enough of. There’s a plethora of benefits and reasons why you should eat berries, from preventing cancer to helping with weight loss. In terms of skincare, acai berry and blueberry are the most popular due to their high antioxidants content. Antioxidants protect the skin from sun damage and environmental pollution. Not only does it delay signs of aging, it also has anti-inflammatory effect.

A lot of fruits contain antioxidants, but did you know that acai has up to 33 times more antioxidants than red wine and grapes?? In addition to vitamin A, C and E that helps with skin regeneration/repair, acai also contains a lot of fatty acid that support the structure and firmness of the skin. For most skincare, time and exposure to light/air can diminish the antioxidant’s effectiveness, but acai has proven to be resistant to this effect. While acai is currently miss popularity, blueberry is a strong contender. Blueberries are one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world. It contains vitamin K, C as well as resveratrol and various minerals. It also have a high concentration of salicylates, the salt of the salicylic acid, which makes it great for acne-prone skin.


Skin types: All skin types!

Purpose: High antioxidant content protect against environmental damage, fatty acid helps with anti-aging and the acids helps to keep the skin clear. This blog post covers acai and blueberry, but other berries such as goji and strawberry also have similar benefits.

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet, Acai Berry


As soon as I opened the mask, I was greeted with a very sweet, fruit candy scent. The sheet is made of smooth and sturdy paper cloth. It is a bit longer than average on the bottom. The essence is more of a white serum. My skin feels moisturized and a little greasy afterwards. It is best for dry or mature skin.

 THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask, Acai Berry


The mask has a perfumed floral and berry scent. The sheet is a smooth and sturdy paper cloth material, and it is a bit longer than average. The essence is a milky serum. My skin feels moisturized but a bit greasy after taking it off. It feels a bit more moisturizing than the Nature Republic Acai Berry mask, a bit stuffy actually. It is best for dry/mature skin and I would not recommend it for acne-prone or normal/oily skin.

SKINFOOD Everyday Beauty Berry Facial Mask Sheet


The mask has a fruity floral scent. The sheet is embossed like Sephora sheet mask but adheres to the skin well. The mask feels cool on the skin, and my skin feels moisturized and calm after taking it off. The essence is more of a gel serum and does takes awhile to absorb completely, but it doesn’t feel greasy or stuffy.

THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask, Blueberry


The mask smells like sweet juicy fruit juice. The sheet is thin, smooth and sturdy paper cloth. The essence is a milky liquid. My skin feels calm and hydrated after taking the mask off, albeit a little greasy until it absorbs.

Conclusion: Overall the acai masks are definitely more moisturizing than the blueberry ones, but the blueberry ones feels more calming/soothing to the skin. If you have very dry or mature skin, I would recommend one of the acai masks, but if you don’t or if you have sensitive skin, I recommend the blueberry masks. I like the Skinfood blueberry mask the best because it was the most lightweight, no greasy or stuffy feeling on my combination skin. So, will you be trying any berry masks soon?


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