I’d like my lip balms in a seashell please~

May is supposed to be sunny, springy and flowery…. but of course since it’s New England, it’s grey and rainy and cold. Well, I can’t change the weather, but I can add a dose of sunny beachy weather to my vanity. I saw a picture of beauty products in a seashell somewhere long ago and has been wanting something like that ever since. There were plenty of seashell shaped containers, but I want something made from real seashells. So when I stumbled upon Organic Island, I went for it.


When I opened the box, I was greeted with a nice fabric drawstring bag for each of the seashell lip balms. I don’t know why it says shelllipbalm.com since it doesn’t exist and I got the lip balms from organicisland.com.au. But the brand is legit so it might just be their old site or something. Whatever, seashell lip balms! Straight from sunny Australia!


The ingredients list is printed on the card attached to the lip balm, and it comes with a plastic seal around the clasp. They are real seashells with metal edge and clasp. The clasp closes it securely and is easy to open/close. The seashells are real/natural so there’s going to be minor imperfections, but there’s nothing obvious on the three I bought. The seams don’t close perfectly and have small gaps, so dust/dirt can get in if you drop it in sand or roll it around in your bag. There is a tiny mirror inside about 1in in diameter, and the balm seems to be poured in instead of molded.


The lip balm is more of an oil butter rather than petroleum salve or wax we are used to. Once you put your finger on it, the heat warms up the oil and it feels like an oil balm on the lip as well. It feels lightweight on the lips, doesn’t sink in completely and leaves a bit of shine. It is nice by itself but probably won’t work well under lipstick/makeup. It have no taste or scent and it does moisturize well.

Let’s be honest, you are paying for the packaging, lol. If you want a nice balm and don’t care about the packaging, this is overpriced. If you want a nice novelty thing for your summer-loving friends, for a summer wedding, or to add a bit of summer to your vanity, then this is great! It’s organic, it’s got nice ingredients, and the container is cute. Now then, I’m gonna go put this on and dream of summer~~~


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