DIY facial spray. Oh so simple, oh so good!

*Spritz* Spritz*…..*breathe*…..mmmm! Nothing perks me up like a good facial spray, especially after a nap or when you are feeling dry. I’ve tried plenty of facial sprays, and there’s no way I’m getting on a plane without my Tatcha Mist. But for just everyday use, I’m willing to give DIY a try. The only thing you need for a basic facial spray is: spray bottle, water and glycerin. What else you add is up to your fancy. I decided to add some aloe vera and facial oil. I was surprised at how lovely the result was! I feel refreshed and my skin felt soft and hydrated. I’m already on my 2nd bottle actually, definitely recommend!20160205_162618


NOTE: Make sure to thoroughly wash/sanitize your spray bottle.

  • 1 spray bottle – one that disperse a layer of fine mist is the best. The type that squirts water droplets will get your face wet and ruin your makeup.
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure glycerin
  • 1 cup water – use distilled or bottled water. Don’t use any water you wouldn’t trust to sit at room temperature with stuff mixed in for weeks.
  • 1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel (optional) – I couldn’t find pure ones so I settled for 99%. Again, don’t use anything you wouldn’t trust on your face/near your eyes.
  • 1/2 teaspoon facial oil (optional) – any facial oil you like, pure oils preferred.

Pour all ingredients into a spray bottle, shake vigorously until mixed, and enjoy! That’s it really. I like to store it in the fridge so the ingredients last longer, and it feels more refreshing. I’ve wiped it on with a cotton pad as toner and it works great as well.

Adjustments: The proportions are approximate. Glycerin is very gooey and sticky, so if your spray felt a little sticky and don’t absorb well, try use less glycerin. Too much oil will feel greasy and too much aloe vera will feel sticky as well. If you are tentative, start with a few drops and slowly add more as you see fit.


So that’s my favorite formula. You can also get fancy by using pure rosewater or green tea instead of water, or use fancy facial oils. The first time I made it, I used Sunday Riley Flora oil and the second time I used Trader Joes jojoba oil. Sunday Riley is almost pure rose blend, so it gave the spray a light rosy scent and made the skin feel incredibly smooth. Jojoba oil doesn’t have a scent so the spray was scentless. It is still moisturizing and refreshing, but it doesn’t soften/smooth the skin as much as when I used Flora.

I still like a good store-bought mist for traveling, simply because I do not trust DIYs to stay unspoiled through temperature/air pressure changes and being thrown around in bags. But for the past few months I’ve been reaching for my DIY instead of store brought mist. Pure glycerin only cost $4, with aloe vera and facial oil being optional so this DIY is super cheap but feels great. Give it a try!


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