Sheet Masks/Ingredient Highlight: Pearls are always appropriate!

Pearls has been a luxurious ingredient for whitening since ancient times in China. Pearl shells contain an organic protein called nacre, which is responsible for the iridescence you see in pearls and helps to whiten the skin. Not only is pearl a potent antioxidant, it also contains polysaccharides, 17 amino acids, minerals and proteins, including conchioline, which helps to replenish and rebuild the skin’s natural collagen. Pearl powder is perfect for all skin types. It helps with skin inflammation, promotes healing, enhances elasticity and luminosity. Additionally, it aids in absorbing oil and skin impurities, filters out UV rays and helps to prevent hyperpigmentation by slowing down the melanin production in the skin.


I remember using some fancy pearl cream back when I was little in China, but I haven’t seen much pearl skincare products since then. Tatcha Rice Enzyme powder contains pearl and is a great product. My Beauty Diary have some great sheet masks so I hope these lives up to the expectation. =)

Skin Type: All skin types. Sensitive, dry, mature etc.

Purpose: Ease skin inflammation, promotes healing, elasticity and luminosity. It helps to prevent hyperpigmentation and sun damage as well as encourages collagen production.

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask


The sheet mask has a mild floral scent. The sheet is smooth, thin and sturdy paper cloth material with plastic on one side for easy removal so it doesn’t cling to itself. It adheres to the face well and feels calming/soothing on my irritated skin. The essence is liquidy and absorbs easily, leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturized. There is a little liquid leftover to massage onto the skin, but it doesn’t feel greasy or stuffy. It’s appropriate for all skin types.

My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask


This mask has no scent. The essence is liquidy and absorbs quickly. The sheet is thin but sturdy and adheres well to the face. It feels nice even on my slightly irritated skin. My skin felt moisturized and looked brighter after I took it off. I think it mainly looked brighter because it helped to tone down the redness. There’s a little liquid leftover that you can massage on. It absorbs well without leaving the skin feeling greasy or stuffy, so I’d recommend it for all skin types.

Both masks are really similar. Black pearl have a scent while white pearl don’t, and white felt just a tad more moisturizing but that’s about it. If you have sensitive skin try white, otherwise I can’t tell the difference and I like them both! So, will you be trying any pearl skincare soon? =)


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