Speed Review, March Edition. Wake up and smell the roses!

Every year when it switches from winter to spring, my skin freaks out by getting SUPER dry and irritated. It’s times like these that makes me really appreciate good skincare products. This time, I went all floral. I’ve actually raved/reviewed all of them before, except Origins Original Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. I’m no stranger to exfoliating clay masks, most notable being the GlamGlow Youthmud and Tarte Amazonian Clay mask. Youthmud is very drying and a bit harsh, best for oily skin. Tarte Amazonian Clay Exfoliating Mask’s granules are a bit too big and sparse for a good thorough exfoliation and the cooling/tingling feels terrible on irritated skin.

Origins Rose Clay mask is a creamy pink mask with small round beads for a nice gentle but thorough exfoliation. The rose clay purifies but does not dry the skin out. Most of the time I actually prefer separate exfoliator and clay mask, but when my skin is super irritated and dry, using both can be too much. When I use this mask, the exfoliation does not irritate and the clay mask does not dry my skin out. I would recommend this for people with dry and sensitive skin. Or if you want convenience of 2-in-1.

The other great products for dry and sensitive skin are Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, Dior Gentle Toning Lotion with Velvet Peony, Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil and finished off with Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask. Sure, there are plenty of cheaper products that are similar. But when your skin is so dry and irritated that 80% of the skincare burns when applied and disappears instantly, that’s where these products truly shines. 20160310_101119

Speaking of products that shines, I was surprised to find something I really like in this speed review. =)

BareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum – it is a dark yellow serum with a chemical scent. It is liquidy and absorbs easily into the skin. I don’t know about ActiveSoil complex, but it does contain glycerin to hydrate, and ferment which is popular in essences for cell renewal. It’s nice, but nothing that stands out from other essence serum.

Darphin Stimulskin Plus Multi-corrective Divine Cream – it is a rich cream with ivory color and a slightly sweet scent. It moisturizes well even on sensitive skin and is great for dry skin. Beyond that I didn’t see/feel any other differences.

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Cream – it is a rich cream with white color and a clean cucumber and tea scent. It makes the skin feeling smooth and moisturized, great for sensitive, dry and aging skin. However, it took a while to absorb. I even tried it in store to make sure it’s not because my sample went bad. Maybe it’s because I have combination skin instead of dry mature skin, the target, so if that’s your skin type then give it a try.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Face Treatment Oil – as soon as I put a few drops into my hand, a strong scent of perfume hit my nose. It smells floral and alcohol, more like actual perfume than skincare. It doesn’t feel greasy and absorbs fast into the skin, probably because the first two ingredients are actually water and glycerin. It does feel a tiny bit sticky, probably from the royal jelly and honey in the ingredients. It would be so much better if it didn’t have so much fragrance and alcohol. This is best for dry and aging skin, but not sensitive.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum – it’s worth the hype! When people talk about popular Korean skincare, this product often comes up. It’s a translucent white serum with a herbal and slightly minty green tea scent. My skin was very irritated before using it, but this did not irritate and my skin just drinks it in. The skin feels moisturized immediately and it plays well with other products.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream – it’s a white gel cream with a herbal and green tea scent just like the serum. It absorbs fast and hydrates well. It is lightweight so it is best for oily/combination skin. Green tea extract is the first ingredient, followed by silicone.

Lancer Nourish Cream – it is a nice cream with a mild sweet scent. It absorbs well into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. It may not be moisturizing enough for dry skin without a serum or oil. It’s expensive due to the fancy anti-aging ingredients, but I don’t know about anti-aging so I can’t attest to that.

Les Merveilleuses Laduree Treatment Oil – it is a clear oil with a woody herbal scent. It’s lightweight, but does take a while to absorb. It’s best for oily skin, or use under moisturizer for drier skin. It’s nice, and actually reminds me a bit of Fresh Seaberry oil.

Lulu’s Time Bomb Derm Warfare Youth Explosion – it’s a white serum that you apply in the morning, wait a few minutes and then apply your moisturizer. It feels hydrating enough but doesn’t quite absorb into my skin even after I waited, and moisturizers I apply on top don’t sit well. It’s an anti-aging serum that is supposed to plump the skin. Maybe it didn’t absorb because my skin doesn’t need plumbing since I’m in my late 20s. The ingredients look good so if you do have mature dry skin, it’s worth a try.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil –  it starts off with a very citrusy scent but as I rub it in, start to smell a tad fishy. It’s medium weight oil orange in color. It is moisturizing but is too rich for oily skin. The ingredients are excellent and I only need 3-4 drops for my combination skin so the bottle will last a long time. The main ingredient is rosehip seed oil so if you have dry or aging skin, I would recommend give this a try.

I’m glad that Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum lives up to the hype. Maybe It’s too soon to speak since my sample only lasted 2-3 use, but I like it enough I’m getting a full size and am looking forward to adding it to my morning routine. What did you try this moth? =)


One thought on “Speed Review, March Edition. Wake up and smell the roses!

  1. I love products with green tea when my skin is irritated. Thanks for reviewing the innisfree serum – sounds like a good thing to have in my line up!

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