The Elusive V-line, pull up your chin…with your ears?

Every culture have its good points and bad points. The more I get into Korean music and Korean skincare, the more I learn about things I’m not quite sure about as well. With so much pressure on appearances, both celebrities and non-celebrities will go to great length for beauty. Plastic surgery for eye, lip and nose job exists in western world as well, but do you know that face size and a v-line jaw is just as important in Korea?

After getting my wisdom teeth pulled out, years of braces and gaining/losing weight, I feel like my face has gotten a bit more square and bony. For a long time I was a little depressed about it, but at some point I realize that I can’t remain the same. Instead of trying desperately to stay the same forever or to fit into one specific type of beauty, it is the best to just manage yourself, striving to look the best and being the healthiest I can be. With that said, I can’t resist the variety of skincare trinkets that Asian market puts out.


I tried some fun cheek, mustache and eye masks before as well as exfoliating silk balls, steam towel and cleansing stick. Some are gimmicky but others have now become my skincare stables (I’ve got about 20 TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch in my stash). So, today’s Asian Funsies are V-zone patches from Etude House and A’PIEU!

Etude House Firm V-Zone Patch


It have a fuzzy cloth side and a cool gel side. The gel feels a bit damp but is in no way wet and you hook the two holes to your ears. It is snug on me and the gel cloth sticks well to my under chin area. There is no scent and a very mild tingling sensation when I was wearing it. I didn’t really feel like it firmed my chin area that much, maybe I should’ve measured or try a few more. However, the next day my chin was a tad itchy, so I guess it did something? Just not sure what….

A’PIEU Hidden Solution Edge Line Patch


This mask covered the bottom half of the face as well as the chin. It’s a hydro gel mask with a fuzzy side and a gel side. The gel side have a plastic sheet covering it and is VERY STICKY. Be careful when opening it, because it sticks to itself easily like saran wrap. It is stretchy but rather than pulling my chin up, I feel like my ears are gonna fall off with 2 loops hooked on each. After taking it off, my chin area does feel slightly tightened, but I think it’s more due to the physical pressure rather than skincare (kind of like how you feel after putting on and taking off a bra).

There are so many of these chins trap masks out there that I feel like I should try a few more before making a decision, but money is limited and my ears hurt. My jaw did feel a tad tightened but I think it’s more due to the pressure/push rather than any lasting effect. However, if you are interested in their promise and is willing to use them regularly, I recommend get the stretchy cloth one that goes around your head instead of just the ones that hook your ears.


You will look crazier, but at least your ears won’t be tired from holding up your jaw via the mask strap. You can get them from eBay, various Korean online stores like Gmarket or Amazon but I have not tried them. I recommend looking up reviews from Korean youtubers with key words like “v-line” or “smaller face” to figure out what you want to buy. I don’t think I’ll be trying more of these any time soon, so, good luck to you. =)


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