Spa at Home? Dr. Dennis Gross Steamer Solution

I do notice that my skincare, especially clay and mud masks, seems to go deeper and are more effective when I use them right after a hot shower, so I get the idea of steaming. It helps to unclog pores, reduces nasal congestion, moisturizes the skin and helps skincare  to absorb better. Putting your face over a bowl of water seems like such a hassle and I’m perfectly happy with my $7 Innisfree Steam Towel so I really had no intention of purchasing this R2D2. But then I got an email about the steamer being 50% off for only one day ………… well…….. 20160229_16153520160229_161808

But anyways, what is done is done, so work your magic, R2D2! The machine is about the size of a large blender with a 5ft long cord. There are a lot of confusion about how to use it. Turns out they remodeled it, where the old version had slightly different label on the button and can only be used with distilled water while the new version I got uses tap water. I’m a little doubtful about blasting tap water on my face for 10+ minutes so I compromised and went with filtered tap water.The steamer is meant to be used after cleansing, this way it softens the skin, dilates the pores and allow your mask, exfoliator, toner and other skincare to be more effective. It claims to hydrate, clarify, and soothe the skin as well.

To use the steamer, follow the instruction but pour the water slowly since the sink is shallow and it might spill. The construction was disappointing for a $120+ device. The rubber stopper and cup don’t fit perfectly, there were dark marks/scratches on the opening for neck attachment, and no explanation about the slider thing opposite of steam outlet. However, what matters is if it works for my skin. It takes up space but is not difficult to put together, use, or clean.


It took 3-4 minutes of heating up before the steam comes out (so you might want to turn it on and then wash your face). You can twist the steam sprout part so the steam come out sideways for comfortable steaming. Sitting 12-15in is about right for the steam to be warm and covering the whole face, any closer it would’ve been too hot and drippy, any further it would have cooled down and you won’t feel it as much. If you fill the cup to MAX, the water will reach LOW (marked on the flap) after ~20 minutes of steaming. They recommend 10 minutes of steaming although I usually do 15 minutes. There is also an ozone option, which makes the mist thicker/whiter. The ozone option helps to disinfect, but I’m not sure if I see a difference. Acne-prone skin might benefit more from this, I just turn it on for 3-5 minutes during steaming for kicks. Below is all the instructions that came with the device.


My skin does feel more moisturized, is softer and incredibly smooth after steaming. The skincare I apply afterwards do sink in better, I think I ended up applying a bit more moisturizer than usual. My skin felt great next day as well, and I think it helped to soothe my skin that was irritated from the dry harsh winter. The advantage of this is that:

  • it provides a fine mist
  • it have a constant temperature so it’s gentle and even on the skin
  • you can also do whatever else while using it, doesn’t interfere with vision
  • and it have an ozone option to disinfect/for acne-prone

Does it work? yes. Dupes? You can get similar effect from a hot shower, steaming over a pot or the Innisfree steam towel. This is slightly more effective and gentler but is it worth the price? well, I got it for $70 total so it is worth that much at least. But for the full price of $130 ish, it should’ve been better constructed with better instructions.

I have not tried other steaming devices, but I like this one enough to keep it. The construction could be better, but in terms of functionality and effect it is a good product. It is available on Sephora so you can wait for their 15% or 20% off sale to get it, or Dr. Dennis Gross website if it’s in stock on a sales day. Will you be trying steaming?


One thought on “Spa at Home? Dr. Dennis Gross Steamer Solution

  1. I have this and your review is spot on. However, I use the ozone function all the way through. Also after a few minutes of steaming, I stop and do some stubborn white head removal on my nose. Then, I cleanse the area and then apply a facial mask while steaming (not a mud or clay type mask).

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