Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

I should really stop telling myself “I’m gonna stop trying new skincare for a while” because the past 19383 times I said it, something caught my interest as soon as it left my mouth. I wasn’t expecting much but I really liked the Valentia Eye Cream I tried last time, so when I saw that Valentia came out with Royal Rose Hydrating Serum, I applied for the campaign to try it. Disclaimer: Whether a product was provided for free or bought by me have no influence on my opinion of the product.


I talked about how awesome roses and hyaluronic acid are in skincare before. Put both of those in a serum and makes it organic? Gimme now! The serum claims to deeply moisturize skin, provide antioxidant protection, soothe skin, smooth texture and boost skin radiance. The serum is packaged in a pump glass bottle (environmentally friendly and sanitary) with expiration date printed on it (THANK YOU).


 The serum doesn’t contain silicone, parabens or all that junk but does have a generous blend of roses. It smells like sweet rosewater candy at first pump, but the scent dissipates quickly so it should be fine even if you are sensitive to fragrance. It is a lightweight serum that absorbs easily and makes the skin feel so so SO soft! Last time I felt this softness on my skin I was using pure rosewater that I made. It definitely provides a generous boost of antioxidants, soften and smoothes the skin thanks to the roses. It is not as soothing as I’d like, since there is a bit of discomfort when I applied it to my damaged/irritated cheeks but I think it did helps the skin to heal since it doesn’t feel as irritated after a few days.

I haven’t seen the brightening benefit yet since I’ve only used it for a week, but roses contain a lot of vitamin C so you should see results if you continue to use it for a few more weeks. I like the fact that it hydrated, softened and smoothed my skin as much as pure rosewater I made myself (without the hassle). It moisturizes and works well under skincare or makeup, so I’ve been using it morning and night. It is appropriate for all skin types, although oily skin may find it moisturizing enough to skip moisturizer afterwards, but I would repurchase for winter use.

And I liked it enough to ask them if they would be willing to give my readers a discount. Use DABBLE20 for 20% discount on any Valentia products. The code is one use and expires in one month. I’ve only tried three Valentia products, but I would definitely recommend the eye cream and rose serum, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. Enjoy! =)

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