Eye Candy Spectacular! Guerlain Meteorites Perles Carousel

When I buy makeup, I usually go through an intricate thought process before actually click that “order” button. You know, something like do I have something similar? do I have money? how practical is this? ….. Unless it’s Guerlain Meteorites, then it goes more like this: I see, I buy. I think I have more Meteorites than I can finish in this lifetime by now…

This summer limited edition is called Guerlain Meteorites Pearls Carousel, and I ordered it the moment I saw it on Nordstrom. It’s Meteorites! It’s pink! It’s carousel! How can I resist? It is also available on Neiman MarcusBergdorf Goodman, and Sephora. (EDIT: It’s sold out on those sites. I don’t know if they will restock, but it is still available on SaksFifthAvenueSelfridges, and MUP. You can also get it on eBay, but I’ve only bought from Germ1123 before, who is my goto for old and out of stock meteorites). And if you need more incentives, read on for pretty pictures. =D


During summertime, Guerlain Météorites Pearls are reinvented in delicate, pastel colors. This limited-edition skin-enhancing harmony gently fades away imperfections and gives your complexion a fresh glow….Innovative stardust technology transforms UV rays into visible, soft-focus, perfect light, while the mix of harmonious shades tailors luminosity to your skin tone.I started collecting them two years ago and actually skipped a few releases since I don’t like the wave/fish scale patterns on the new tin, and I don’t want to pay $50+ for makeup in cardboard packaging. The packaging for this, well, the picture speaks for itself. It comes with a standard white puff (I may have been a little disappointed after being spoiled by the Snowflake and D’Etoile packaging) inside a tin/plastic can same size and shape as the regular Meteorites. The pearls have that signature powdery violet floral Meteorites scent.


The powder is pastel pale pink with very subtle shimmer. I have very yellow undertone, but if you have very pale cool undertone it can probably work as a blush. I swatched it very heavily above, but the comparison swatches in the following pictures are more accurate in how it looks on the skin. The interesting part is that the pearls this time are of varying sizes! The tiny white pearls are about size of a split pea, just a tad bigger than cooked rice. But since I don’t see any broken pearls after shipping, fragility shouldn’t be a big issue. There are:

  • 12 fuchsia pearls of standard size to revive the complexion.
  • 4 mauve/purple pearls of standard size to capture the light.
  • 12 sunny yellow pearls to fight dullness.
  • A bazillion tiny white pearls to reflect the light. Ok fine, approximately 100-130 of them. I keep losing track!

None of the past meteorites I have are similar to this. Maybe last summer’s Rainbow meteorites or Hourglass Ethereal Glow, but I don’t own either so I don’t know how they look under same lighting. It is a finishing powder that brightens the complexion with a pink undertone. It’s too sheer to use as a blush unless your complexion is ridiculously white. I compared it to Meteorites Clair 02 from the regular line and Perles du Dragon.

I love the adorable pink packaging with the colorful dots. As for the powder itself, it’s great if you want a finishing powder that brightens the skin and gives you a healthy glow (if you have sallow skin especially). However, if your face is naturally very pink or have a lot of redness, you might want to skip this one. Either way, this is a beautiful product that’s going to last you forever (have you heard of anyone finishing a jar of meteorites??), so I’ll just leave you with this pretty picture (and ingredients list).



2 thoughts on “Eye Candy Spectacular! Guerlain Meteorites Perles Carousel

  1. Are the yellow pearls in this LE version comparable to the yellow pearls in the Claire?
    Love your artistic pics and the toki charms, BTW!

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