Moisturizer for Spring? Try Sunday Riley Tidal and The Estee Edit Peony

I need a new moisturizer like a cat need more hairballs, but Sunday Riley has become one of my favorite brands lately with their quality ingredients and effective products. Estee Lauder has been trying to appeal to the younger crowd with more trendy and modern products lately with The Estee Edit Collection. Tarababyz did a great review of most of the makeup in the collection, but I’ve been obsessed with peony ever since Dior Toner became my holy grail. So, I ended up getting both Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream and The Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack.


Besides, look how pretty they are side by side! The description for both of them sounds amazing (hyaluronic acid, floral and fruit extracts? yes please!). I’ve used each of them for over a week now, so it’s time for a review. The description and ingredients are in the image (enlarge to see bigger version).

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

20160222_090427 20160222_090524

It is light aqua in color with a  fresh, powdery floral scent. It is a creamy gel cream that feels cool on the skin….. but if your skin is damaged/irritated from the dry weather, it burns a bit when you apply it. It does feel fine near the eye area, so if your skin is sensitive but not damaged/irritated this may still work. The gel cream spreads easily so you don’t need a lot, and it absorbs easily leaving a soft finish. It is not moisturizing enough by itself for my dry combination skin in the winter, so if you have drier skin you will need a hydrating serum under it or facial oil on top.

I’ve only used it for a week so I haven’t seen any brightening as in lighten dark spots. However, the enzyme does exfoliate and thus smooth and brighten the skin in that sense. I tend to get tiny whiteheads sometimes when I slack off on exfoliation. I was planning on using a peel, but after a few days of using this the gentle exfoliation from the enzyme made it disappear. I would not recommend using strong peels/exfoliators with Tidal. It is best for normal/combination skin, although I’m sure you can make it work if you have dry/oily skin.

The Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack

20160302_153056 20160302_153115

I can’t find ingredients online and Sephora is terrible at writing descriptions (it says dry skin can use it as exfoliator, erm, no Sephora, just no) so it was a blind purchase. It is light pink in color with a perfumed floral scent. It is a very lightweight gel cream and feels calming/soothing even over slightly irritated skin. Water Pack, Sleeping Pack, or Overnight Mask are different from traditional moisturizer. They are meant to seal/lock in whatever good skincare stuff you applied before it, so they can be used as moisturizer by themselves or on top of moisturizers.

This Water Pack feels wonderful even over irritated skin and does hydrate a bit, but it is too lightweight for my combination skin by itself and if you try to apply too much it will flake. This will be a good moisturizer for oily skin or sensitive/irritated skin that want lightweight hydration and a boost of antioxidants. If you don’t have oily skin, you can use it on top of your moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration/antioxidants. It is similar to my summer favorite, Clinique Moisture Surge, maybe with just a tad more antioxidants and more fancy ingredients but not enough for me to pay extra $10ish for it.

Final Thoughts: Overall both moisturizers are nice. Sunday Riley never disappoints, but don’t use Tidal on irritated skin and you will need a hydrating serum/oil with it if you have dry skin. The Estee Edit Pink Peony is calming/gentle with a light boost of hydration and antioxidants, but only appropriate for oily/combo skin by itself. If you have dry skin you can use it on top of a moisturizer. I would use Sunday Riley Tidal when I’m not using harsh peels/retinol or have irritated skin, but I think I prefer Clinique Moisture Surge more than Estee Edit Pink Peony for summer. So, what new skincare are you using this spring?


4 thoughts on “Moisturizer for Spring? Try Sunday Riley Tidal and The Estee Edit Peony

  1. Great review. Have you tried the Fresh Youth Preserve Moisturizer? I bought it for the similar results that Sunday Riley Tidal claims to do (moisture retention and brightening). How do you think the two compare? I have combo / oily skin but I like that there are clean oils in Fresh. I also typically use Caudalie vinoperfect serum alone in the summer.


    1. Oh I LOVE Fresh lotus moisturizer!!!! Tidal exfoliate so I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin but Fresh Lotus feel lovely on all skin types. In terms of moisturizing they are on par, Tidal might brighten more than Fresh but I can’t use it when my skin is sensitive or when I’m using heavy duty peels/serums.

      1. Okay great thanks for the advice! I’ve always heard good things about Sunday Riley but if Fresh ‘s lotus youth preserve moisturizer works about the same then I will pass. 🙂

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