Speed Review, Feburary Edition. And GlamGlow GravityMud!

Maybe it’s a weird goal, but I thought it would be cool to say that I have tried every single product of a brand. I was trying to do that with Tatcha and GlamGlow. I’m close to doing that with Tatcha but I’ve given up on GlamGlow. The only product I love was the GlamGlow Youthmud (got 2 backups) and am really not interested in the array of new lip products. But of COURSE they come out with a silver peel-off mask, and of course I have to try it.
20160204_172904The moment the jar was opened, I could smell the strong scent of pina colada (my face was 1ft away and I could smell it clearly). It looks shimmery white in the jar but becomes shinier and more silver as it dries on the skin. It’s thick and gooey like other peel off masks, and dries down to a nice film that Isn’t super tight/drying but peels off in one piece. After peeling it off, it left the skin feel a bit tacky? Rubbery? Firm I suppose? I used it twice but don’t see/feel any lasting effect. I mean I feel like it did good things, but it’s barely noticeable and you need generous amount each time so $69 is overpriced. my skin feel hydrated but I honestly can’t tell how it’s different than Boscia white or Valentia20160205_113651

Anyways, my skin feels super dry/irritated this month but I have too many full size masks, so the samples I went through are all about moisturizer and eye creams!

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm – it is a balm that melt like a cream when you dip your finger in it. It absorbs well and moisturizes well, but doesn’t feel comfortable on the eyelid or close to lashline. The scent is a little weird, mildly floral in the jar but a little stinky as I pat it on. It is a good cream for dry skin though, not for oily or sensitive skin.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream – It is a scentless eye cream that moisturizes well and does not irritate even over eyelid. It’s great for combo/normal or dry skin, a tad rich for oily skin or to wear under makeup. It’s a good basic eye cream.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream – It is a lightweight cream with a very light chemical scent. The ingredients are very basic but good. It makes the skin feel velvety smooth, and is appropriate for combo/normal skin.

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream – It is not a cream, not a lotion, but more of an off white salve that looks like Vaseline. The consistency reminds me of rose salve, perhaps a bit less plastic and more greasy. However, my skin was really dry so I warmed up a pea size on my palm and applied to my face anyways. The warmth help to melt the salve so it rubs on more easily, but it remained greasy/thick for quite awhile before sinking in completely. With that said, it did not feel stuffy or pore clogging. I was a little worried about beewax on not-lips but it’s better than salves filled with silicone and petroleum. It’s a great salve, and it can work as a moisturizer if you don’t mind feeling greasy/sticky and have dry skin.

First Aid Beauty Utra-Repair Hydra-Firming Sleeping Cream – It’s a scentless white cream. It is rich but not thick or heavy, very easy to spread and absorbs well. It feels just a tad thicker than their Ultra Repair cream but nicer on the skin, and have better ingredients. It may not have much fancy active ingredients, but it does a great job of moisturizing with great moisturizing ingredients. It’s appropriate for combination to dry skin and sensitive skin. I was planning to get Murad Hydro-dynamic but I think I’m gonna get this instead.

Laniege Water Sleeping Mask – It is a lightweight white gel with a sweet floral scent. There’s a lot of silicone but otherwise the ingredients look great. The texture is on par with Clinique Moisture Surge gel cream but doesn’t leave you with a moisturized feel. It was enough for my combo skin by itself. If you have dry skin you can use it over your moisturizer to lock the moisture in, but it may not be moisturizing enough by itself.

L’occitane Divine Cream Mask – It is a thick white cream with a lovely floral scent. While it is a mask, it can be used as a moisturizer, which is what I did. It is very rich but melts easily into the skin. It absorbs well and has great ingredients such as honey, citrus extract and shea butter in addition to several floral extract/oils such as evening primrose. The mask feels lovely, absorbs well and makes the skin feel amazing. Can’t decide if I like this better or Sisley Black Rose cream mask, both feel amazing for dry skin, and I would recommend giving both a try if you have dry aging skin.

Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Milk – It have a mild scent of milk and a milky lotion consistency. It turns a tad white as you are rubbing until it absorbs, so make sure you are rubbing it in instead of just swipe on and done. It is hydrating but very lightweight, so a more of a hydrating serum for dry skin or moisturizer for very oily skin. If you apply it too generously, it doesn’t play well with some of the moisturizers I layer on top, so I’m not a big fan of this. The ProGenius oils are much more my type.

Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil – This is lightweight oil with a herbal/plant extract scent. It doesn’t feel greasy and absorbs well. The original ProGenius feels thick/rich like Josie Maran Argan Oil and is more for dry skin and anti-aging, while this Rescue oil is lightweight enough for all skin types.

Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask – It is a thick clear gel with no scent. While it is hydrating and great for all skin types including sensitive, it might not be hydrating enough for dry skin by itself. The ingredients are great but pretty basic aside from a little algae and hyaluronic acid, so it feels a little overpriced. Skin Inc products have great ingredients, but are generally a bit overpriced.

So that’s everything I’ve tried. I’m pleasantly surprised to discover some products that I would like to purchase for winter (FAB Hydra-Firming Sleeping Cream and L’occitane Divine Cream Mask). Anything interesting you tried this month?


3 thoughts on “Speed Review, Feburary Edition. And GlamGlow GravityMud!

    1. Nude is on sale in Sephora right now! I don’t know if Sephora’s gonna stop carrying it or if it’s a temporary thing, but if you are thinking of buying now is a good time. =)

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