January Skincare Journal. Fasting and Portion Controls

Some things change so gradually you don’t even realize it. By the time you do, it’s difficult to change back. For example, weight, portion control, and tastebud. For healthy weight loss, I’ve been trying to eat processed sugar and meat only once a week, and mostly vegetables/whole grains the rest of the week. The first two weeks was incredibly hard and cranky, this was pretty much how I felt:

But after a few weeks, I noticed it wasn’t as difficult to tell myself no and I am ok with eating fruits instead. However, I have no awareness of portion control and still felt like a wreck. One of my friends who is great at managing herself does one-day water fast once a year, where you basically drink only water (or tea or infused water. The point is 0 calories) for a whole day. I’ve been really dehydrated lately and healthy enough for a fast, so I used this as reference and decided to give it a try.


I drank 2 cups of matcha, then 6 cups of lemon/mint/cucumber infused water throughout the day. I felt mild hunger and some mild headache in the afternoon, but they never lasted longer than 5-10 minutes. I told myself that I will stop the fast as soon as I felt truly hungry or truly sick, but I didn’t. The difficulty is more due to not giving in to the urge to eat and cravings. I expected to be STARVING by the end of the day, or when I wake up next morning at least, but I wasn’t. The idea of not eating for a day sounds ridiculous and is definitely something I didn’t think I’ll be able to do at all (the watermelon and rice/bean soup next day was absolutely delicious, lol). However, I was surprised that, even if I’m still mentally afraid to eat less, my body is ready for it. That I CAN accomplish what I set out to do, if I stop being afraid and persevere.

It resets my expectations of portion sizes (do you know the average size of the stomach is less than 4 cups?) as well as give me more mental strength, and I lost 6 lbs last month. To motivate myself to continue eating healthier/less, I bought a bunch of cute bento supplies (mostly from Bento & Co, and you might have seen a few sprinkles of bento pictures on my Instagram). Bentos may look tiny (the red thermal is size of a mug and square bento size of a box for a double cheeseburger) but if you are filling it with solid food (rice and cooked vegetables instead of salad or puffy bread) then it is enough for a meal.


ps. I got a Facebook page! I kind of accidentally did it, but if you don’t like getting emails, this is another option to be updated on the blog posts. =)

Skincare Journal

Skin Condition: I started the year with INCREDIBLY dry skin. The thick moisturizers and oils that I only use a pea size of in previous winters would seemingly disappear completely even if I apply generously and my skin was feeling dry, flaky and fragile. Somewhere between the terribly drying weather, skincare and stress I got a few pimple. Now that I’m in my late 20s, I’m starting to see more pigmentation/dark spots as well. The dry skin is now gone and pimples are disappearing, so I hope to tackle pigmentation this month.

Products Used: To combat dry skin, I used Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion once a week instead of twice a week as I did before. I also used a sheet mask twice a week (mostly rose sheet masks) and no other masks. As for daily regimen:

  • Philosophy Purity Made Simple or Korres Milk Protein Cleanser
  • Dior Toning Lotion with Velvet Peony
  • Missha First Treatment Essence
  • PTR Retinol PM sometimes, but most of the time no serum and just plenty of oil
  • Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence in the morning, followed by
  • Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Lotion SPF30

I’m almost done with my Murad Essence mini and PTR SPF30, so I’m excited to finally try my new Kenzoki Lotus Mask in the morning (with Clarins SPF40 on top). I’ve used up most of my oil minis, so I think it’s time to go through my moisturizer samples.

Other Influences: I’ve been exercise every day or every other day. I downloaded 30 Days Challenge onto my phone, and it’s easier to motivate myself since I can space it out to a few minutes throughout the day rather than having to run for 30min and go outside while being all sweaty. With the arsenal of skincare minis and oils, as well as a mini-humidifier for my office in addition to the regular one in my bedroom, I’ve been able to fend off the effect from the weather. I got a cheap $10 one from Amazon, just put it over a bottle of water and plugged it into my computer. It outputs plenty of steam but doesn’t make the surrounding wet/damp. It comes with a spare filter, altho it does shut off randomly after 3-4hrs sometimes. There are lots of minis, in normal shape or cute mushroom/piglet/character shape. Seriously, if your skin feel terrible and super dry after a day in the office, a mini humidifier is totally worth it.


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