Speed Review, January Edition. And Spring Collection Swatches

There were so many beautiful powders this year, from Burberry’s lace patterned highlighter to YSL’s Boho Stone collection. I couldn’t resist swatching the array of beautiful Dior Spring collection laid out in front of me while at Nordstrom. The little floral patterns on the blush and eyeshadow powder didn’t go away in one swatch as I had feared. Aside from the blush, all the powders are pretty shimmery. I posted a little video on Instagram to better show the shimmer.


They didn’t have a lot of fallout, and the pigmentation of the powder is medium. The blush provides a natural, soft wash of color. The eyeshadows are pigmented enough so you can distinguish between the yellow, green and blue but sheer enough to not look childish or costume-y. The eye pencils are creamy and pigmented, they are easy to apply with pretty good staying power after it sets.

I also couldn’t resist swatching the Chanel Sunkissed Ribbon blush. The blush itself is smaller than the palm of my hand, so you can’t realistically pick out individual colors to use. The powder is soft, pigmented and does provide a very flattering warm dusty rose blush. While the colorblock stays, the ribbon pattern goes away fairly quickly. If you are looking for the pink/white pearl highlighter, it is currently available on Chanel website and Nordstrom.com.


However, I was not in luck since the stores didn’t have what I wanted. And my skin has been so dry it’s drinking up skincare like a sponge, so I’ve been pretty much dousing it with oil. It’s amazing I’m not a grease ball and haven’t had a breakout yet *knocks on wood*. I don’t want to see any oil for at least a month….. oh who am I kidding, I’ll probably start playing with them again next week. Anyways, onto the speed reviews…


Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer – It is a white cream with a light sweet scent. It spreads and absorbs easily, making the skin feel soft and smooth. It’s not very heavy or rich, so I didn’t think it would be moisturizing enough for my combination skin but it was. The ingredients look nice and it’s a great moisturizer for the price. Not sure if it will replace my stable, Clinique Moisture Surge, but I do like using it.

Caudalie Divine Oil – I have the .5oz that comes in a spray bottle, but it is more of a squirt. The oil has a significant warm floral scent that lingers, so I was wary of using it on my face and tried it on my body first. The lightweight oil sinks in easily, makes the skin feeling moisturized and smooth. If you have dry skin you will need to apply something on top. I then tried it on my face, it doesn’t feel as lightweight as on the body. My skin feel moisturized and smooth and a tad stuffy. It reminds me of Josie Maran Argan oil, but if you don’t have dry skin I would recommend looking for a lighter oil.

Chantecaille Flower Infused Cleansing Milk – The instruction says to damp cotton pads with rosewater, pour some cleansing milk on it then swipe onto the skin…. which sounds like it’s a no-rinse cleanser…. Well, I tried that way and it left me with a drying residue. I then tried it like a regular rinse off cleanser, it goes on like a lotion cleanser with no foam, didn’t dry me out but didn’t hydrate either. It didn’t remove makeup that well either, so the instruction is a waste of cotton pad. At $66, there’s better cleansers for cheaper.

Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum – It is a pale yellow lotion-y serum with a mellow floral scent. I thought the scent was going to make my skin feel uncomfortable, like the scent of Hydra-Quench and Diorsnow serum did, but it did not irritate even when I applied it on my eyelid. It makes the skin feel hydrated and comfortable. I would recommend it for all skin types and enjoys wearing it under moisturizer during the day. However, this is the 3rd or 4th mini of it that I’ve finished and I don’t see enough effect to justify the price.

Fresh Sugar Lip Serum – It is an off-white creamy serum with a mild plastic scent. It dries fast and doesn’t really hydrate, if you try to apply more it just forms a film. If you have dry lips, you still need a lip balm on top. I don’t have deep lip line/wrinkles so I can’t attest to that, but if you are looking for a solution to extra dry lips, a good lip balm would be better.

Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil – It’s an all-purpose oil so I tried it on my face and body. It is thicker than most facial oil and have no scent. I have previously used Josie Maran Argan Oil before, both are 100% organic Argan Oil but I THINK Julep absorbs slightly better on my skin. It spreads more easily, still feel a tad greasy but absorbs better and doesn’t feel as stuffy.

Kate Somerville Dilo Oil – It is a lightweight oil (despite having coconut oil as an ingredient) with a mild fleshy floral scent. It is not as lightweight as a dry oil but it does absorbs well and doesn’t feel stuffy even when you apply generously. It makes the skin feel moisturized, soft and smooth. It doesn’t feel greasy and is ok even when I patted over the eye area. It is appropriate for all skin types and the ingredients are nice, but honestly I can’t tell the difference between it and other oils with similar consistency such as Boscia Tsubaki or Marula.

Lancome Absolue Precious Oil – It have a strong floral rosy scent but did not irritate at all. It is a lightweight oil that spreads easily and absorbs well into the skin, leaving a soft velvety feeling and a slight luminous finish. It’s a great oil for dry or normal/combo skin, but talk about sticker shock! At $180 for 1oz, there’s nothing in the ingredients that stood out as worthy of such price. For something similar, Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is just as great but a bit more lightweight, or Sunday Riley Flora Hydroactive Cellular Oil if you want something for dry skin. Both have wonderful ingredients and feels wonderful at half the price ($90).

Peter Thomas Roth Neuroliquid Volufill Youth Moisturizing Hydra-Gel – I thought it might be a lightweight gel moisturizer, but nope. It looks like a primer, feels like a primer and applies like a primer, more specifically like Smashbox primer. It’s a thick clear gel that smells of chemical/plastic. It feels dry going onto the skin, doesn’t really sink in but gives the skin a matte smooth finish. I would not recommend this as a moisturizer, but more of a primer with moisturizing benefits.

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil – It is a dry oil so I thought it would not be hydrating enough, but it’s only dry oil like in that it’s not thick and greasy. However, it is very rich and moisturizing. Three drops were enough for my face, so I would recommend it for combo/dry skin. Oily skin might want to use a drop or two in moisturizer instead of by itself. It have a very rosy scent and makes the skin feel moisturized and velvety smooth. However, it is not pure rose oil so $200+ makes it a tad overpriced.

All in all, I like the oils I’ve tried but none of them is going to overthrow my favorites (Tatcha Gold, Sunday Riley Flora or Boscia Tsubaki oil). What have you tried this month?


3 thoughts on “Speed Review, January Edition. And Spring Collection Swatches

  1. i have a few samples of the sisley oil that i’m really curious about, since i love the black rose mask – it works so well on my skin. I initially didn’t get the chantecaille cleanser either but at one point i used another deluxe sample or something with some other chantecaille stuff and it really worked to soothe my skin somehow!

    1. I love the Sisley Black Rose mask so much!!! Hmm, I do enjoy Chantecaille’s other skincare like the exfoliator and mud mask, but I just can’t warm up to the cleanser, lol, glad it works well for you. =)

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