Detox masks: Algenist Brightening Mask and Perricone Chloroplasma

Detox sounds like such a gimmicky word to me. Everywhere you look, there are ads for detox tea, detox diet, detox skincare…. is my body really that full of toxin? And really, what does the word detox mean? The body can accumulate a lot of toxins from bad diet, pollution and other unhealthy habits. While liver, kidney and the digestive system are responsible for majority of the detox process, if there are more toxin than they can handle, the skin tries to release it through the surface and you see breakouts, discoloration etc.


The skin is a pretty dynamic organ and turns itself over every three to six weeks and every two to three months when you get older. It is generally not permeable and few chemicals can pass through it. Since the root of the problem is internal, skincare treats the symptom but is not a solution. You would reap more benefit by eating a good diet full of fresh (detoxifying) fruit and vegetables, exercise and have good lifestyle habit than skincare.


With that said, good skincare is important.  Instead of internal problems, detox skincare usually tries to keep your pores clean and protect you from external factors such as environmental pollution and sun damage. Such is the case with Algenist Algae Brightening Mask and Perricone Chloro Plasma. They are both great masks, but if you live in a clean environment with healthy lifestyle and good skincare already, results may vary. Personally I really enjoying both of them, especially since I’ve been moving away from basic clay/mud masks that focus on sucking all the oil out of the skin.

Algenist Algae Brightening Mask


It is a green clay mask with bits of algae in it. The algae bits are small and soft so don’t count on it for any exfoliating power. It has a green plant scent and a very mild cooling sensation on the skin before it dries. It doesn’t turn tight or crackly when it dries. Algae/marine plants are purifying, anti-inflammatory and hydrating so this mask makes your skin feel clean without drying it out. However, I didn’t see much brightening from this. It is appropriate for all skin types, oily or dry or sensitive. I like the way it feels, but the jar is flat with a giant opening, which means it dries out faster and active ingredients won’t be good for long. Unless they change the packaging, I would only recommend this if you know you will use it up within a few month.

Perricone MD Chloro Plasma


It is a white/mint green creamy clay mask with small beads in it. It also has a planty scent. As you rub the mask on, the beads burst open and the darker green color comes out and mix with the mask as you are rubbing it on. I always feel like I don’t get the full benefit unless I manage to burst all the granule, which is not that easy and I end up using a thin layer and it’s a hassle. It does leave the skin super soft, smooth and refreshed but it didn’t do much for bumps, dark spots or existing acne.

The novelty of breaking open the beads for Chloroplasma worn off after awhile, altho it is a good way to help make active ingredients last longer/kept fresher. I love the way Algenist felt on the skin and totally would’ve bought it if it wasn’t so flat and wide and i’m 90% sure it will dry out before I can finish using it. However, these masks are great if you are looking for a clay mask to purify or clarify the skin but find most mud/clay masks to be too harsh and stripping.


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