Some of My Favorite Makeup Looks

Instead of buy more makeup products, I have been focusing on more ways of using them for more variety of looks lately. Most of the time I just do an eyeshadow or two, plus a swipe of eyeliner and a swipe of lipstick and that’s it. Sometimes a bit of blush or a more funky lips but occasionally you want to switch things up. So here are some of my favorite makeup looks:

I have Asian eyes with a small fold, so most makeup looks for monolid or hooded/creased eyes don’t really works for me. I discovered this series of makeup looks done on an Asian model inspired by the 60s, 70s and 80s. Very classy videos and classy makeup looks ~~~

And this is my FAVORITE, not just because I love yellow, orange and red. One of my friends brought the video to my attention and I replicate it with my Sugarpill palette. It was amazing! It was graphic, exotic, colorful and elegant. It reminds me of Japanese cranes and did I mention I love it?

This is a good tutorial if you are into Korean special occasion makeup. She used eyelid tape to put in a crease but I already have one so I skipped that step. It gives you big, sultry smokey eyes and like it’s out of a painting. I didn’t use false lashes but it still turned out very pretty:

Ok, so not asian specific, but I absolutely love this look from Dolores Cortes at MBFW Swim 2013. The best part are in the details. In addition to a bit of shadow and winged liner on top, there’s also a small wing on the bottom that gives the eyes a more cocky, flirty and playful feel. The eye makeup is strong but clean, so the bright pink lips didn’t feel overwhelming and the slight blush contouring brings everything together.

And lastly, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy this winter so far. Even if you can’t playing around on carousel in cute little cocktail dresses and perfect makeup/hair a la Louis Vuitton 2012, I hope y’all had a great break. =)


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