Dream Skincare? Or Keep on Dreaming?

Everyone have thoughts alone these line at some point: When/if I become rich, I’m gonna get a fancy car, I’m gonna go vacation in Hawaii, I’m gonna finally buy that $2,200 moisturizer served on a caviar bowl….. no? not that last one? Well, I’ve posted about my wishlist and gift guide with great skincare that won’t break your bank. So this, ladies and gentlemen, will be a post dedicated to the VERY high end for that top .1% that I just know are avid readers of this blog. Let’s have some fun~~~

The moment I saw La Prairie Caviar Spectaculaire Set ($2,200), I knew it was special: “Caviar Spectaculaire contains the legendary lifting and firming Skin Caviar Luxe Cream nestled in an exquisite Baccarat crystal caviar server. Skin Caviar Luxe Cream is an extravagant experience to be savored every day…. The Baccarat limited-edition jar beautifully transforms into a caviar server after use by simply removing the jar that contains the cream and replacing it with the included caviar server bowl for a lifetime of luxury.
I mean, why would you want to just buy caviar to smear on your face or pay rent when you can have a life time of luxur— what is that? You are not into caviar? Don’t worry, I’ve found just the right thing for you!

The Dior L’Or de Vie La Cure ($2,000) is sure to brighten your holiday season with the “an unparalleled concentration of active ingredients extracted from Chateau d’Yquem’s exceptional 2014 harvest.” According to Dior, “In 2014, after a cool and rainy summer, the late yet exceptional sunny days during the month of September are the makings of a great vintage. Temperatures hovering around 30°C enhance the maturation of the grapes, producing one of the greatest molecular diversities of the past 10 vintages. Dior Science has captured this ultimate, ephemeral wealth in the new L’Or de Vie La Cure Vintage 2014. At the heart of the skin, the power of marcs is restored, as if “cellular fertility” is revived.
Aside from fancy wine that offers you “cellular fertility”, the set contains three serums, two massagers (cuz massaging with your hand is SO last century) AND a stand! After all, why have serum bottles with flat bottom when you can have a special serum bottle stand?

But if you think that’s too expensive, don’t worry! There’s also the 111Celestial Black Diamond Cream at the affordable price of $1,095. “The cream utilizes an innovative delivery system of rare diamond particles believed to have formed in space. Black diamond particles are microspheres that penetrate the deeper dermal layer of the skin in order to transport three essential youth restoring ingredients: patented NAC Y2 formula, Collagen type I and III and Hyaluronic acid.” Diamonds are forever, and these are from space! How can you pass that up?!?!

But if you are a little skeptical about out of this world ingredient, literally, then perhaps the La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare would be a better choice at $1,115! According to the website, the cream is “an extraordinary, transformative experience. Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is the height of luxury. From the first touch, it’s a total immersion. La Prairie went to the ends of the earth to uncover the most beneficial ingredients for this cream…. Applying the most advanced cellular science discoveries, this rejuvenating cream preserves skin texture and tone, and restores a radiant glow. There is nothing else like it. The pinnacle of art, science and luxury.” How can you pass up smearing black diamond and platinum to your face for a mere $1,000?

Lastly, if you are not rich enough for a lifetime of luxury using products with greatest molecular diversity or diamonds from outerspace, you can still splurge occasionally with the Givenchy Le Soin Noir Lace Face Mask ($330 for 4 sheets).664607_in_xl

According to Neiman Marcus, the highlight ingredients is “The Supreme Alliance of Life Algae complex, an amazing fusion of two algae selected for their extraordinary life force*, targets the integrality of the cell life cycle* to correct all the signs of aging. A captivating combination of an haute couture lace mask and an intriguing black formula highly concentrated for maximum power, this precious black lace adjusts to the face’s features to deliver its exceptional remodeling force.

However, according to Barneys, “…Le Soin Noir New Generation has arisen from the fusion of the signature black sap with golden sap…..” So is the miracle alges The Supreme Alliance of Life Algae Complex or Le Soin Noir New Generation? Is the person who came up with these names a Star Wars fan, Star Trek fan, or Dr. Who fan? I must know!

I may or may not have chosen these products to make fun of feature because of the wonderful description. Honestly, if I had the money then I’d totally try them once to satisfy my curiosity. But I don’t, so I’ll have to be satisfied with the poor (wo)man’s version. If you like caviar, then try the My Beauty Diary Caviar sheet mask. Not sure about “cellular fertility” but there are plenty of wine sheet masks (and maybe Arcona Wine products). Unfortunately I haven’t seen dupes of diamond or platinum skincare, but if you are ok with just 24K gold, then PTR 24K gold masks or Tatcha gold infused oil are great choice. As for lacey masks, Too Cool for School black lacy eye mask is my favorite or you can get white lace face masks from Banila Co. Now that I’ve covered the upper limit, suddenly that $50 jar of mask doesn’t seem so expensive anymore does it? =P


4 thoughts on “Dream Skincare? Or Keep on Dreaming?

    1. Very true, lol. I feel like it would look much prettier if the mouth/eyes are cut differently. But at that price, I’ll just stick to my normal face/eye sheet masks. =P

    1. I had to share, lol. Most descriptions tend to be a bit fancy/fluffy but occasionally I see a gem where I’m like “…..are you trolling?”

      I’m sure some of these products are good and I’d love to try them (without the price tag), but I doubt I will hear angels singing when I use them no matter how awesome they are.

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