Speed Review, December Edition. What’s Your New Year Resolution?

It’s easy to think the year’s not over yet until after Christmas, then it’s more like “alright, ok, time to prep for the new year.” So now it’s time for New Year resolutions! For last year, my resolution was to start this blog. This year, my resolution was exercise more, buy less and eat healthier. Well, I did exercise a bit more regularly and eat healthier, but I’m not good at portion control so I gained weight. While I manage to control my makeup spending, I wasn’t so good with skincare. So New Year Resolution 2016 is going to supplement that:

Eat regularly and eat less

  1. Do not skip breakfast, even if it’s just a few nuts, a bite of bread or an egg.
  2. Eat less for meals if not hungry, do not treat your body like trash can. You will not starve no matter how small the meal looks, I promise.
  3. Do not snack when bored or when not hungry, especially not after 9pm.

Exercise more

  1. Light exercise everyday, whether it’s 20 min of walking or 30 Day Challenges.
  2. Sweat 2-3 times a week, preferably the Couch to 5K program, I stopped at week 5.


  1. One in, one out. If I want a pretty makeup, use up or throw away one in the same category (gifts are exceptions). Otherwise, just save the pretty picture and move on.
  2. Don’t shop sales or hoard GWP if you have enough skincare to last a year. No matter how good the deal is, I PROMISE that they will have ones just as good next year. Except Limited Editions. =X

That’s not even 10 resolutions in total, I can do this! *determined* I’ve been using an exercise tracker and food diary starting this month. I feel my willpower weakening and get lazy sometimes, but so far I’ve been keeping it up. So what are your New Year’s Resolution?

Or if you’d rather talk beauty, let’s move onto the speed review then! I dropped the empties off at Origins to recycle before realizing I forgot to take pictures, so this will do. 13390-black-hole-1920x1080-space-wallpaper

The Peter Thomas Roth Rose Cream is surprisingly nice, I can’t decide if I like this better or Algenist Overnight better or Murad Hydrodynamic better for winter. Anyways….

Boscia Sake Balm – the word balm implies something heavy, but this is actually a white, fluffy, gel/jelly type moisturizer. It have a very mild….chemical-y/plastic scent? I did feel very minor tingling sensation when applying close to the eye area, which is probably due to glycolic acid being the second ingredient. It sinks into the skin very well and it feels hydrating for an instant, but not enough for my combination skin. I would recommend it for oily skin or combination skin in the summer. I would not recommend it for dry skin or if you are currently using retinol/acid peel.

Boscia Sake Treatment Water – It is a scentless liquid with a watery toner-like consistency, but it applies and have ingredients like essences. It does hydrate slightly although the sample I got only have 1 use. I enjoy it but it’s expensive so if you just want a hydrating essence, give Secret Key and Missha a try instead.

L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Skin Perfector Serum – It is light pink in color with a bit of shimmer. It feels like a cream but sinks in relatively fast. I’m not sure if it helps with pores because it balled up on me so, it’s a no go for me at least.

L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream – It is a light pink medium weight cream with the same powdery floral scent as the serum and sinks in fast. It feels nice, but it also flakes on me, boohoo. If you have oily or combination skin, it’s worth a try.

My Beauty Diary Vanilla Moisturizing Aroma Mask – The thin but sturdy sheet sticks to face well. It have a mild vanilla bean scent and the serum/essence absorbs pretty well. After massaging on the leftover serum, the stickiness disappeared within 10-20 minutes and I could put on moisturizer no problem. I would say it’s a nice hydrating mask appropriate for all skin types.

Origins Three Part Harmony Oil-Infused Serum – It is a white serum with a fruity scent. It is thin and while I can feel there’s oil in there, it’s not greasy. It is definitely hydrating, but it flaked on me. I love everything Origins, except the serums. The serum seems to always flake on me. If you had no such problem with other Origins serum and is looking for an extra boost of hydration, give this a try. I would recommend it for dry skin, oily skin can probably use this and skip moisturizer.

Origins Calm to Your Senses Stress-Relieving Face Mask – It is a white cream that turns into a balmy, oil texture as it’s applied onto the skin. It smells of lavender and calming floral. It’s great if you are in the mood for a little facial massage and it hydrates well. However, I don’t know about tension in the skin and that stuff since I didn’t feel anything other than that. If you tend to clench your jaw and get headache from facial tension or have dry skin, this would be a nice treat. Otherwise I prefer other hydrating masks.

Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer – It is a toner with a very mild artificial and grocery store produce scent, but it’s not as terrible as some of the other Perricone products I’ve tried. It feels just like water on the skin but a bit more comfortable. Some pore treatment dries my skin out, this doesn’t dry out my cheeks but my nose produces slightly less oil when using it. My pores look nice but it doesn’t do anything to the clogged ones. I would say this toner is great for oil-control and hydration, but if you have severely clogged pores then don’t hope for much.

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Bouncy Hydrating Gel – It is a gel cream that reshapes itself! It have a light, slightly chemical-y scent rather than that of cucumber. The skin feels smooth and matte after application. If you apply generously it does feel a bit sticky before it sinks in, so you can’t pile it on if your skin feels dry. The texture reminds me of Boscia sake gel moisturizer, both are more for oily skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cream – It is a rich cream with a light scent of rose like the PTR rose mask. It makes the skin feel soft and hydrated and velvety. I’m not sure about anti-aging, but it feels wonderful and if you have dry skin or want something mildly anti-aging I would recommend give this a try. If you have oily skin and like roses in skincare, Fresh Rose line would be a better choice.


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