Skincare wishlist. What are your favorites?

First of all, the giveaway have ended, thanks to everyone who entered and gave advice on the blog! I have added categories to the sidebar for easier browsing from your feedback, and will try to continue improve the blog whenever I have time. The winner, randomly selected by Rafflecopter, is Donna! Yay, hope you enjoy the goodies!

While I do have lots of favorites, there are always new ones that catches my eyes. Korean beauty and sheet masks were popular last year, so I decided 2015 will be the year of sheet masks and got myself 70+ sheet masks from popular brands such as Innisfree, THEFACESHOP, Nature Republic, Etude House, and My Beauty Diary. I only finished a bit more than half of the stash so far. I might have bought too many, just a little bit, but how do I know which is good unless I try everything?

At this point, my sheet mask curiosity have been mostly satisfied and I have learned a lot about different ingredients along the way. However, there are plenty of other products on my radar that I didn’t get a chance to buy because I’ve got too much stuff (and not enough money). I’ve been really diligent in using up my stash before they expire, with occasional (very very expensive) splurge, so this is a wishlist of things I want to buy and try in 2016.

Edge of Consciousness: There are some products that have a narrow but dedicated following. The ones that I don’t hear a lot about but when I do, it is so convincing that I’m really tempted ….. but then never get around to it since I don’t see it everywhere and just before I completely forgets them, I come across them again in some article or review. The four products I want to buy before I forget are The Lotus Essence with Lotus Leaf, Weleda Skin Food, Aztec Secret Healing Clay and Innisfree Green Tea serum.

Super Popular: Then there are these super popular products that I hear all the time everywhere, but never got around to buying them for some reason or another. The ones that have been on my shopping list for YEARS and I want to try them just so I can take them off. If you know of a beauty loving friend, you’ve probably heard them gush about at least one of these: Skinceutical C E Ferulic serum, Dr. Houscheka Rose Cream, and Mizon Snail Cream.

Newcomers: I’m usually more receptive to new products/lines from an established brand than products from a new brand. While I tried and enjoyed some, like Farmacy or Tatcha, there are a few other brands I’ve been eyeing and want to try. Some are NEW new while others are new to me in that I’ve never tried even a sample from their line: Herbivore, Kenzoki, and Kiehl’s.


F_26842 kiehls-skin-care-520x263

Anyways, so that’s all the products I’m eyeing for next year….. well, aside from Erborian, Hada Labo, Tata Harper, Drunk Elephant, Skin Inc, Charlotte Tilbury and and……… maybe I should just put owning Sephora as my wishlist item….


3 thoughts on “Skincare wishlist. What are your favorites?

  1. Yay! I love wishlist posts! I have Weleda Skin Food and have used it for years. I have very dry hands, especially this time of year, and it makes my hands baby soft overnight. Its not something that I would recommend using as you are going about your day because it is very thick and can be kinda greasy, especially if over applied. But I love it, and because it is so thick a little goes a long way and lasts a really long time. Plus, its one of those health food store gems that I can purchase at my local target. Dr. Hauschka makes really lovely mini skin care sets that come in tin cases, and there are different ones for different skin types, I used up one of them awhile back and really enjoyed it. The only thing I’ve ever tried from Kiels is their Creme de Corps body butter and GURL, the texture is unlike anything I’ve ever used and it smells delicious! Some things that I’ve been loving lately are bath bombs (the big ones from health foods stores, omg-I’ve been missing out!). I dont know what kind me into bath bombs, I saw a few in store one day and found it interesting. They smell nice, they are packaged lovely, and they just make bathtime fun! They add moisture and fragrance to your bath water, and some of them have real rosepetals in them, so when they fizz out in the bathtub, the bathtub is filled with rosepetals! If that isnt a personal spa, I dont know what is. So far my favorite ones are called Lets Get Naked and Feliz Navidad. I dont like the small or mini bath bombs though that places like Target sell for cheap, because a little bathbomb is nothing for for a whole bathtub of water. I’ve also been super obsessed with my ecotools pure complexion facial sponge (the sensitive skin one). It makes washing my skin so fun, its super soft and squishy and exfoliates my skin without scratching whatsoever. And it cuts down my makeup removal time! Usually when I wear a full face of makeup I have to first either use cleansing water or makeup removing tissue, then a cleanser. But with this sponge I just need cleanser and nothing else, and it gets it all off. I also really love it for removing masks, makes it much easier. You said that you are interested in Charlotte Tilbury, I love her and own some of her products and my favorite product of hers so far is the filmstar bronze and glow bronzer/highlight palette. LOVE.

    1. Ohh, so many exciting things! I know CT is know for her cosmetics, but I’m more interested in the Tilbury skincare, lol, especially the mask and moisturizer. Anyways, now that I’ve got everything written down, I don’t have to worry about forgetting and can focus on finishing what I have first.

  2. That SkinCeuticals is near the top of my list of things I want to try. I do not return things, so buying super expensive things that may not work out is a definite no. Would love to get a sample (if the brand even offers them).

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