Speed Review, November Edition. L’Oreal Go 360 Clean

Can you believe it’s December already? Time for last-minute crunch at work and being spammed by holiday discounts and sets everywhere. Since I absolutely hate having fancy skincare going to waste, it’s also time to organize my stash. I spent the weekend taking out ALL of my skincare, and I mean all, from cheap free hotel thing neglected in the corner of bathroom to fancy holiday sets that I haven’t opened yet. I categorized them according to season (lightweight gels, lotions and oil control stuff for summer, creams and hydrating masks for winter etc) as well as checked the expiration date on everything. Moisturizers and serums I no longer care for becomes body lotion, facial cleansers I don’t like becomes hand soap, and masks have been generously applied from the face down to my neck and decollatege. I don’t have expiring toners, so I’ve been making good progress.


But there’s one cleanser that I’ve forgotten that I do like. L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser. I mean, it’s just a normal gel cleanser that foams up, nothing special and a little drying on my combination skin (more appropriate for oily skin). However! I love using it as a brush cleanser, the reason being the little silicone pad it came with. As much as I like using pretty brushes, I don’t enjoy standing at the sink forever cleaning them. Depending on the products used and when you last cleaned, it can be difficult to get all the makeup out of the brushes.

The little silicone pad is AMAZING at getting the stubborn makeup out! It helps to prevent makeup stains and makes washing brushes faster and easier. I put some L’Oreal cleanser in my palm, dab my wet/damp brushes in it, then swirl on the silicone pad a few times. Voila! 5-10 second is all it needs most of the time, a bit longer for getting cream and liquid products out (foundation, concealer, lip color etc) but so much faster than just using fingers! The cleanser and pad are pretty much my brush cleaning kit and only cost ~$6 ish. The pad is a bit too small for fluffy face brushes, so if you like how it works then you can splurge for the larger silicone Brush Cleaning Glove or Mat from Sigma. All my friends who got them loves them, but I’d rather spend money on pretty things so the little cheap silicone pad works plenty well for me.

ps. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Even if you are not interested in the products, a comment on how you like the blog so far is appreciated! Thanks!


As for the speed review for the month, I’ve been focusing on my stash of packet samples, so here’s the review for the assortment of things I tried.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II – It’s been awhile since I used the original Night Repair so I can’t tell if the texture is the same or if this is just slightly thicker? Eitherway, it’s a liquidy translucent serum that sinks into the skin well. It doesn’t have a scent and I don’t know about anti-aging, but it certainly hydrates and makes the skin feel comfortable even when it’s dry and irritated. I’m not sure if I like this better or Lancome Genefique better, perhaps that’s something I should wait until I have noticeable wrinkles before deciding.

L’occitane Angelica Eye Roll-on – It’s a frosted glass tube with a metal ball and liquidy gel type solution. It have a fresh green scent like cut up leaves and plants. It definitely feels refreshing on the eyes but won’t be hydrating enough to be a substitute for eye cream. It’s great if you just want a little pickmeup to refresh/lightly hydrate the eye area. I like to use it during the day in the dry winter when I’m not wearing eye makeup.

L’occitane Light Comforting Cream – It is a light/med weight cream with a light fresh floral scent. While the original L’occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream is definitely for dry skin, this is appropriate for normal skin. If this is not hydrating enough and you try to pile it on, it might flake. It is a great moisturizer if you have normal or sensitive skin.

Murad Radiance C Intensive Peel – Even though the name says intensive, it’s gentle but effective. It looks/feels like a white cream moisturizer but it doesn’t dry/sink in. It’s a white cream mask that gives you a cooling tingling sensation but does NOT sting or hurt. After rinsing it off the face feel smooth, not dry or hydrated, but also not red or sensitive. It’s great if you love vitamin C and is looking for a peel gentler than OH lemon strip or Exfolikate Gentle.

Nude Eye Complex – It is an off white eye cream with no scent. It sinks in and hydrates well. I’m not sure about tightening or brightening since I don’t have such problem, but it’s nice for normal skin and is lightweight enough to work under makeup. I would not recommend using it on the eyelid, it doesn’t irritate but doesn’t feel comfortable either.

Perricone Cold Plasma – It is a white serum with a strong fishy scent that, unfortunately lingers and lingers. I checked out the negative reviews and almost all of them are because people couldn’t get past the smell to even try the product. If you can stand the smell of raw fish on your face for an hour, it does make your skin feel lovely. Not recommended for oily skin or people weak to terrible fishy scent. It goes on comfortably, making the skin feel smooth and moisturized. If you apply too much it does have a slightly tacky feeling so apply sparingly.  It have to be the worst smelling Perricone product I’ve tried even though it have nice effect.

Philosophy Time in a Bottle for Eyes – It is a liquidy lotiony serum that absorbs easily into the eye area and have no scent. However, do not put it on your eyelid. It’s potent and makes it feel a bit uncomfortable. It leaves no residue so it works well under makeup. It is supposed to smooth, tighten and brighten the eye area. I can’t tell from one sample packet, but it does not hydrate, eye area still feel dry like I didn’t apply anything.

Tatcha Radiant Deep Brightening Serum – It’s a white serum that glides onto the skin nicely and hydrates. It makes the skin feel smooth and is more appropriate for dry or combo skin. You may not need a moisturizer when using it if you have oily skin. This is nice if you are looking for a hydrating and brightening serum without any acid or vitamin C (Origins mega-bright is similar but feels more smoothing and does not hydrate. Caudalie brightening serum is another non-acid brightening option and similar to this). I enjoyed it, but at that price, I prefer to buy vitamin C serums instead.

Tonymoly I’m Real Seaweed Aqua Moisture Lotion – It is a white lotion with a mild floral scent. It spreads easily and I tend to spread liberally since it’s quite liquidy. The skin feels soft and moisturized after it sinks in. I would recommend for oily/combination skin. If you have dry skin and want to use this, well, you will need a cream moisturizer afterwards. I used this as a moisturizer on my combo skin but my cheeks still feel a bit dry.

Tonymoly Red Appletox Honey Cream – It is a yellowish translucent gel cream that smells like fresh juicy apple. It applies like a gel cream and feels a tad sticky before it sinks into the skin. But the skin feel smooth and not sticky afterwards. It is a good moisturizer with good ingredients for $17. My favorite summer moisturizer is still Clinique Moisture Surge, but if I come across this as a GWP or at a very reduced price, I would get it.


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