Tatcha Koyo Fall Beauty Set Review

In general, makeup products have way prettier packaging than skincare. There’s nothing wrong with a really good skincare product in a clinical, simple packaging, but pretty packaging is always a plus and makes the products a pleasure to use. Tatcha went a step above that. I like how the order slip is printed on pretty shimmery white paper and always comes with a short handwritten message. I like how each product is carefully packaged with a cute story and clear instructions. I also like how they packaged the Koyo Fall Beauty Set in a simple wooden box wrapped with thick, textured washi paper with autumn leaves embossed onto it, and finished with a gold string tie.20151106_090916

Skincares usually don’t look as pretty as others when given as gifts. I mean, it’s just a bunch of jars in a cardboard box most of the time. But the presentation of this gift set really makes it feel like a thoughtful gift and that there’s something truly special inside.20151106_09144120151106_091521

So far I’ve loved all the Tatcha products I’ve tried. The Rice Enzyme Powder and the Camellia Cleansing Oil are both skincare stables for me. Yes, Tatcha is pretty expensive, but they often have GWP if you subscribe to the mailing list, no minimum for free shipping and you can often find vouchers on Ruelala or Gilt City that gives you up to 40% off. With the discount, it is totally worth the price, and did I mention how beautiful this gift set is?


But enough gushing about the packaging. Let’s get to the actual products. The Koyo set contains blotting paper, lip balm, a set of 4 sheet masks and face mist. I already have the blotting paper and face mist in travel size, which are in the photos for comparison.

Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers

The blotting paper comes in a black cardboard tube about the thickness of those chubby blackboard marker with a small mirror on one end of the cap. You can see at most one eye’s worth of area in the mirror, so I suppose it’s useful for checking your eye or lip makeup. It contains 35 sheets of natural paper with tiny flakes of gold peppered throughout the sheet. It does absorbs the oil well without leaving any residue or make your skin feel dry, but I don’t think it does a better job than Boscia blotting paper, which is cheaper. It looks prettier and feels more luxe yes, and also comes in envelope instead of roll, which I’ve shown for comparison.20151106_092459

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

It is a white translucent liquid, housed in a beautiful bottle glass bottle that gives you a small fine mist. I hate it when facial mists come out as cold, wet squirts or sprays of droplets that clings to your hair and sits on your skin. This mist comes out so fine and absorbs so well that you barely even feel it. It have a mild herbal scent just like the Tatcha oil and leaves a moisturized finish to the skin.

Some facial mists are more watery and can be used as toner, while other facial mists are more moisturizing and should be used after moisturizer. This is the latter, I would not recommend using it as a toner, and truly oily skin can probably use it as moisturizer. The finish/effect/feel on the skin reminds me of Body Shop vitamin E spray, which is much cheaper, doesn’t contain as many fancy ingredients, and does contain paraben. If you mainly use mists on top of makeup or want just something to hydrate, there’s not much difference. If you like facial mists more for their skincare benefit, Tatcha wins. Most of the time I prefer a more water-like spray such as Mario Badescu, but I prefer something more moisturizing when traveling and Tatcha has become my top choice for those occasions.

Tatcha Gold Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm

20151106_091929Isn’t it pretty??? I was disappointed the gold leaf overlay was on top of the balm, not on the lid, because it made the balm looks so much prettier….until it gets ruined. The gold leaf is incredibly thin and breaks up with the lightest touch. As for the balm itself, it have a juicy floral scent and feels lovely on the lips. Most lip balms either sit on the lips and do nothing, or is too thin to be hydrating. This balm sinks in, but a very thin protective layer remains on the lips to protect it. I didn’t have to reapply during the day and my lips were still hydrated.20151106_092022

At $36 for .28 oz the price is on par with By Terry Baume de Rose, the “it” lip balm when it comes to dry lips and luxury according to media and blogs and reviews. Both hydrates/moisturizes well but I like the way Tatcha sits on my lips a bit better than By Terry. If you need something for EXTREMELY dry lips, Jack Black Lip Treatment does the job as well as Tatcha and By Terry at $8 ish and have SPF. If you are looking for a very moisturizing lip balm with luxurious packaging and feel that is a pleasure to apply, then Tatcha is just as good as By Terry in my opinion.

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask


It’s got the same herbal floral scent as the rest of the Tatcha line, a bit stronger due to alcohol but is not irritating. The coconut cellulose sheet is very thin but sturdy with a wedding veil type mesh on both side. I like the fact there is a tab for the mesh so it’s easier to peel it off the mask for the more clumsy of us. It feels cool, wet and a bit tingling? on the face. The essence is liquidy but absorbs well and even after I rubbed on the leftover serum, the skin does not feel greasy. The essence absorbs well, the skin feels hydrated but dry and clean, so much that I feel like I could put makeup on top with no problem. The mask is appropriate for all skin types as long as you are ok with alcohol. If you have dry skin you need a moisturizer while if you have oily/combo skin, you can probably skip moisturizer.

I find coconut cellulose mask to be more hydrating, or help hydrate on a deeper level than paper mask or hydrogel. It’s a wonderful mask no doubt, but is it better than other coconut cellulose mask like Farmacy or When? The essence is more liquidy so it absorbs better without leaving a greasy feeling even when you pile it on. But at $28 per mask, I think I’m fine with Farmacy or When at a third of its price.

In short: This is a great set to give as gift, or a great value set for yourself. In addition to this, there are also many other beautiful Tatcha giftset at various price point for you to choose from. I would totally repurchase the rice enzyme powder, face mist and camellia oil cleanser from Tatcha at full price. I would buy the blotting paper, sheet mask and lip balm again if there’s a discount and I feel like treating myself.


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