Speed Review, October Edition. Healthy oil for food/skincare?

In terms of healthy oils for both skincare and cooking, grapeseed oil has become a strong contender along with coconut oil and olive oil. I find coconut oil and olive oil too heavy for my preference, both in food and as skincare, so I’ve been using grapeseed oil a lot. It is much lighter, similar to vegetable oil, tasteless and with a higher smoking point. When I bake with it, the cakes are fluffier since the oil is not heavy, and it works fine when moisturizing the skin as well. However, grapeseed oil may not be as amazingly better than other oil as I thought. While it does contain a lot of vitamin E, it also contains a high amount of the bad fat and the processing takes away some of the benefits as well. You can read more about it herehere and here.
Turns out, grapeseed oil may be more beneficial applied topically than consumed, but it would be nice to have a healthy lightweight oil that I cook with. After I researched and wrote the post on avocado in skincare, I became aware of avocado oil and got myself a bottle. It didn’t have a scent and is about as lightweight as grapeseed oil. It have a high smoking point and contains a lot of vitamin E, and it also helps with absorption of other vitamins and minerals. It moisturized well without being heavy on my combination skin. But it’s not lightweight either (and is expensive) so I think I prefer cooking with it more. If you don’t mind the price and have dry skin or hair, this is a great oil to use.20150903_105427

Due to this and that, my speed review for October empties end up being late. It’s a mixture of this and that and, well, read on for the reviews if you are interested.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Treatment – honestly it feels the same on the lips as the brown spf15 tube. it might be a tad more nourishing, but not much of a difference on my not-superdry lips. If you want a stick balm for dry lips, this is good. if you just want something for dry lips, the most nourishing lip balms I have ever tried are Jack black and by Terry. Since I prefer something without SPF and in a stick form at night, this will be a repurchase for me.

Giorgio Armani Regenessence Eye Rejuvenating Serum – it’s a very lightweight fluffy eye gel that sinks into the skin almost instantly, leaving no residue. It have a bit of shimmer to it and no scent. However, it also doesn’t hydrate. After using it, my eyes do not feel any more hydrated and still kind of dry. Because it doesn’t hydrate, you need an eye cream on top for that, and the brightening feels more cosmetic than skincare, it’s not really worth the price.

Murad Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30  – it is a nice medium weight cream with a light chemical/fruity scent. It absorbs nicely and makes the skin feel soft and smooth. It is not greasy and did not have a white cast. I would recommend it for combo/dry skin. If you like Murad but find Essential C SPF30 not moisturizing enough, then try this. It have a natural finish, hydrates well and plays nice with makeup.

Murad T-zone Pore Refining Serum – it smells like the plastic gel bubble blowing toy I had as a kid. It’s a clear liquidy gel and itches a bit when applied. It does dries me out slightly so I would not recommend it for sensitive or combo/dry skin. I didn’t see any difference in pores during the few days I was using the samples, but if you like Murad and have oily skin and big pores, feel free to give this a try.

Origins Mega-Bright Skintone Correcting Serum –  it is a lightweight lotiony serum with a fruity scent. It sinks into the skin well and makes it feel sooooo smooth. However, the large amount of silicone that makes it feel so smooth on the skin does not hydrate or allow moisturizer used afterward to penetrate well. It is appropriate for all skin types unless you are allergic to an ingredient. It is great if you are looking for a nice brightening serum that is not acidic, but if you have dry skin I would recommend using a hydrating toner or essence underneath.

Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer – it starts with a fresh clean scent and quickly fade to a mild plasticy scent. The medium weight cream just glides onto the skin and sinks in well. It moisturizes and makes the skin feel soft and smooth. I can’t speak to the anti-aging effect or the vitamin c, but it feels like a nice basic moisturizer for dry/combo skin.

Ren Resurfacing AHA Concentrate – it’s a clear watery solution that stings a little when applied. It is meant to be applied before serum but I use in place of it. While I don’t mind the stinging from acid, I don’t like the fact it also contains alcohol. Most potent peels will ask you to avoid alcohol after use for fear of irritation. While it did give me smooth skin and clean pores, I prefer other alcohol-free peels/acid.

Nars Total Replenishing Eye Cream – it is a white, lightweight cream that sinks in easily and have no scent. However, if you apply too close to eyes and accidentally get some in, it can be irritating. I need something I can apply close to lashline, for that reason, I prefer Boscia or Fresh rose for lightweight eye creams.

Sephora Instant Depuffing Eye Mask – it is a piece of cool, slightly damp gel with a cloth backing. The gel side goes on the eye and feels cool and refreshing. It does have a mild unpleasant scent. After removing it my eyes do feel depuff, but it’s temporary and does not provide much hydration. It’s good for a quick pick me up, but if you want hydrating then look elsewhere.

Sephora Green Tea Eye Mask – it is a pair of papery cotton undereye mask. It have Sephora logo embossed on it and very thin cloth sheet separating them. The essence is liquidy with no scent. It does feel soothing and hydrating. The shape goes up to cover the temple, which differentiate itself from other undereye masks.

So, what interesting things did you try this month?


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