Pretty lip colors for winter? Some pretty swatches

Autumn and cold weather usually means heavy makeup and vampy lips. That’s all cool but not exactly my type of tea. Instead of being coral/orange obsessed, I’m feeling more red and pink in terms of lip color this season. Before getting myself a new lipstick, I figured it’s a good time to take out all the random lip color samples I got and play with them first.Β 20150924_14373920150924_143849

I don’t know when it started, but I’m liking this trend of including a mini lip applicator with the lip color sample. Yes you can apply with fingers, but it can get a bit messy sometimes, especially with the bolder colors. Anyways, read on for first impression on the different products and swatches of all the colors. =)

YSL Gloss Volupte – it’s a thin, lightweight gloss with a strong fruity, jolly ranger scent. The gloss is not sticky but almost a bit balmy and feels comfortable on the lips. Β The sheer color gives lips a glossy tint but is hard to mess up. N19 is a sheer pink with tiny gold glitters, you can barely feel the glitters on the lips. N49 is a purple toned pink with just a hint of shimmer. And N204 is a nice glossy coral with no shimmer.

Lancome Shine Lover – it have medium pigmentation and gives a moisturized look. The lipstick didn’t have much of a scent and feels moisturizing and comfortable on the lips, just like a lip balm. The colors in the swatch, from top to bottom, are 340 (light pink), 357 (reddish pink), and 354 (warm, coral nude).

Dior Addict Fluid Stick – it feels like a thick gloss and is very pigmented with vibrant color that will stay and stain your lips.Β It barely have any scent, if I try really hard then it smells a tad…fruity? Anyways, it starts off like a bold glossy lipstick but dries down to more of a patent leather finish and feels a bit thick on the lips. It’s great if you want bold glossy colors but this might dry out your lips a little. The colors swatched, from top to bottom, are 338, 551, 575, and 754.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss – it is a hydrating lipstick with medium pigmentation and very mild floral scent. It have a moisturized/balmy finish. The swatched colors all have the same finish. From top to bottom, the colors are 368 (rosey nude with gold shimmer), 325 (sheer red), and 344 (bright coral).


I wish I’m better at taking picture of swatches. The swatches are a tad cooler than the colors actually are, and I took it without shine since the shine interferes with trying to capture the true color. When I was wiping off the swatch with a tissue, the darker colors naturally left more of a stain than the lighter colors. Dior is the most intense and left the most color of the swatches. Lancome and Guerlain are typical nice hydrating lip stick/balm hybrid. I am surprised by how much I like the YSL gloss, partially because it leaves such a nice natural color and shine while feel so lightweight.

So that’s my little swatchfest, what lip colors are you into right now?


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