Eye Candy Spectacular! Guerlain Meteorites Flocons Enchantes

Ever since I first saw the Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015 Collection from ChicProfile, I was in love. It was a winter fairytale indeed with the Enchanted Snowflake meteorites (Meteorites Flocons Enchantes). While I collect meteorites, I’ve been resisting a few of the past limited editions since the jars are basically the same but with slightly different colors. Well, they’ve really outdone themselves this year.GuerlainFloconsEnchantes

It is quite expensive at $80, but once I saw it in person, I understood why it’s so much more expensive than the other meteorites. If you think these pictures look pretty, the meteorites actually look prettier in person. Yes, it is possible and all the products from the new collection are available on Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Some of the collection are already sold out there, but Saks and Bloomingdales are supposed to get them in soon, so keep your eyes open! And now, onto the most beautiful meteorites Guerlain has put out…..

GuerlainFloconsEnchantes5 The jar is a perfectly round ball with a small flat bottom. It is made of white plastic, with a stripe of gold design along the bottom and a translucent top to let the gold snowflake design peek through. The snowglobe-esque jar certainly captures the beauty of the first snow and holiday season. It is a nice contrast and just as beautiful interpretation of winter as last year’s Perles D’Etoiles. While Perles D’Etoiles gives an impression of a night of opulence and warmth, Perle Des Neiges gives an impression of purity and quiet moment of morning. I also love that both holiday meteorites came with adorable, soft and fluffy puffs instead of sponges or pad. It held the pearls in place very securely, with no broken pearls or tons of loose powder inside.


In addition to the snowglobe jar and the puff, there are more beautiful surprises inside. The lid was cumbersome, but I’m glad it’s a twist top instead of a thin pry-open lid, and there’s a mirror inside! A mirror inside the lid! I would never travel with it, but with a mirror and a usable puff that held the pearls securely, you could do that if you really can’t bear to part with it for any length of time. But enough of that! Let’s take a look at the pearls…

The winter fairy tale theme also extends to the pearls with shimmery beige, champagne and gold, sprinkled with occasional white stars. I usually like to count different colors, but the colors are too similar so: 14 white stars and….62 pearls??? That’s right! Flocons Enchantes actually contains a bit more product than the current meteorites at 1oz, so you will never need a back up (not that I was able to finish the .88oz ones anyways, but I might take out a few stars from this one for safekeeping before using it). The jar is also a tad larger/wider than that of the normal meteorites jar.


In terms of comparison, I guess the meteorites that it’s most similar to would be the Clair 02 from the regular line or the Perles du Dragon from one of the past holiday collection. When I swatched them, heavily with loose powder in the jar, the Flocons Enchantes is a bit more of light beige while Clair 02 is more white and Perles du Dragon have a cooler mauve tone. I find Flocons Enchantes just a tad more shimmery than Clair 02? but you really can’t see the difference on the face anyways.


Anyways, this meteorites exceeded expectation and is definitely worth getting, whether as your first jar or if you are “kind of thinking of collecting but they all look the same anyways”. Get it. I didn’t get the rest of the collection (a girl’s gotta eat), but my friend Mariah from The Rouge Institute purchased lipstick and palette from the collection and kindly allowed me to include pictures of them in the post.


The lipstick is the regular Rouge G formula but with pretty snowflake printed casing. It is a wonderful formula, I only hesitated in getting it because the casing is kind of heavy with a magnetic closure. Knowing how clumsy I am, I’m afraid of dropping it and have it scatter/open on the floor. As for the eye/cheek palette, it’s in the same design as last year, with a plain gold outside and two layers inside. The colors are lighter, less rich and bronzed than last year to fit with the snowy winter theme (last year’s was opulence at opera).

So that is that, hope you enjoyed the eye candy! The makeup posts on this blog has been sparse since I love skincare, which are not quite as exciting to look at, and the subsequent posts will look lackluster as follow up for this. But really, is there any other holiday collection that can top this? Any piece from this collection you are getting?


8 thoughts on “Eye Candy Spectacular! Guerlain Meteorites Flocons Enchantes

  1. It is a beautiful collection and your pictures make me want it even more! I have added the Christmas balls to my wish list. I’m still debating on the Rouge G as it appears to be more on the cool side but might could be warmed up with a warm nude base. Still contemplating… Maybe I’ll see it in Dallas next weekend!

    1. Christmas ball is a must. Seriously, it wouldn’t look out of place as a holiday ornament (albeit a $80 one, lol). Guerlain lip colors tend to be pigmented but let lip undertone peeks through, not opaque like KVD or UD so I think it should work, but for $55, yeah swatch before you buy is a good idea.

  2. I was trying to talk myself out of it but after reading your post, I am back to wanting it badly 😀 Need to tweek my Holidays purchase list.

    1. Unless you are REALLY short on money or allergic to meteorites, it’s worth it. Use rebates like ebates for % off, BG doesn’t require tax, Sephora have a little play thing going on where you might get 10% off, if you sign up for a card at Nordstrom you get $20 note and points reward etc. I love it, in case you can’t tell, lol.

  3. Those meteorites are gorgeous! I’ve always written off the guerlain meteorites for fear that the balls would break and turn into a powder the second I touched it with my brush, and for that price I want them to look pretty for as long as they can! But these are sooooo pretty! Thank you for the review, you did a great job! I have a few highlighters on my wishlist, but this one’s at the top for now!

    1. They won’t break the second you touch them! They are like pressed powders. After a dozen use you might notice the surface of some balls aren’t as smooth but that’s it and they take FOREVER to use up. I did take out the stars before using cuz I want to keep them =X

      Totally worth it, especially if you can get it with 20% off from Sephora.

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