Skincare Journal, September. Tony Moly

In terms of fun skincare trinkets, Japan and Korea’s got plenty of them. Some of them are kind of gimmicky and are all packaging, while others have interesting packaging AND pretty good products inside. I first got an assortment of TonyMoly patch masks on a whim but surprisingly fell in love with the Panda’s Dream eye patch. Then I ventured into some face maskshand creams, and now more eye/lips products. Without further ado, let’s move onto the reviews.


TonyMoly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick – this is the blue one, not to be confused with the brightening stick which is white. This is more of a skincare product and feels cooling and moisturizing on the skin. While it does sink in fast, it flakes if you apply generously (swiping over the area 5 or 6 times). It feels better than Boscia, which have more of a cooling sensation and is more solid, so it tugs a bit on the skin. If you want a cute trinket that feels nice and have nice ingredient, this is nice to pick up. But if you are actually looking for something hydrating on-the-go for your eyes, look for a rollerball/elsewhere.

TonyMoly Bbo Bbo Lip Balm in Honey – the balm is colorless and comes in a shiny plastic lip shaped container. I got the honey scented one, which actually smells like honey. It is a lightweight salve that moisturizes without leaving a film. It doesn’t feel too thick/greasy on lips so you can wear it during the day but it doesn’t have SPF so I use it at night. It’s moisturizing but probably not enough for those with severely dry lips.

TonyMoly Mini Blueberry Lip Balm – the balm comes in a cute little plastic blueberry container. It smells like sweet blueberry juice, and have a thin/lightweight balm consistency. While it looks red in the pot, it gives a very sheer pink tint that reminds me of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15 in Rose, but without the SPF. It is not as hydrating as Fresh, so I would recommend it if you are looking for a fun lip product but don’t have super dry lips.

TonyMoly’s got lots of fun stuff. I would buy the sheet masks and eye masks again, but the rest (eye stick, cheek/mustache mask, hand cream, balms) are average products more for the cute factor. The ingredients are nice and it’s not that overpriced. They would make good stocking stuffers or little gifts but since I already bought them once, I will keep the container and won’t buy again. Now then, onto the skincare journal for the month…

Skin condition: Since the weather has cooled down, my skin gets dry a bit more easily. I’ve been getting a pimple here and there due to spicy food, otherwise no big skin problem. I have noticed more pronounced lines under my eyes when I smile, but I’m not sure if that’s due to dryness, improper skincare or inevitable reality since I’m now in my late twenties. *sigh*

Products used: I’ve been using Clarisonic almost every day, so I did not use any peels or other scrub this month. I haven’t really been using hydrating masks aside from occasional sheet mask and have mostly been focusing on using up some of my clay masks. As for daily regimen:

  • Murad Essential C Cleanser
  • Dior Gentle Toning Lotion
  • Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence
  • Belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb or Tarte Maracuja Oil
  • Peter Thomas Roth All-Day Defense Lotion SPF30

Since my undereye area haven’t been good recently and my skin’s feeling dry, I need to start using an eye cream again and I’m thinking of cutting back on Clarisonic to ~3 times a week instead. I haven’t been using serums since I finished my bottle of Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, but now it’s cooler, looks like it’s a good time to take out some of my thicker serums.

Other influences: Spicy food and sweets are my kyptonite, my archilles heel and biggest obstacles to eating healthy. Spicy food I can kind of control, but now that fall is here, I’m craving more baked goods and fattening desserts rather than fruit. On the upside, I have been exercising regularly and running three times a week is starting to feel more like a habit than a chore. Yaaaay! Some say it takes 21 days to form a habit, well, this habit took me almost a year and I hope to keep it up for years to come.

Now I just need to be more aware of what I eat and portion control (unfortunately, as of right now, I always end up choosing the fruit tart over the abs…).


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