Good drugstore buys? Simple and Neutrogena wipes

Out of all the makeup removing method, I usually prefer oil or water, followed by balms and lastly the wipes. I don’t wear heavy makeup so it always seem so wasteful to use such a large sheet. And many of them contains alcohol and other not so skin-friendly, but there are some good ones out there, like KGD cleansing wipes, and you can’t deny the fact they are pretty convenient. However, most of them tend to be irritating, doesn’t remove makeup as well and wasteful.


Well, before the summer one of my friends gave me a pack of Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes and I have been using it a lot since then. It’s great if I’m not going straight into skincare after removing makeup, like if I’m planning to go exercise or feels hot and gross after coming from outside but don’t want to cleanse until I eat. I would use it to wipe off my makeup, and if it’s still wet, then fold it and wipe off the dirt/sweat elsewhere. If my skin feels a bit dry I would finish off with a spritz of facial spray, and it tides me over until I can do a proper night time routine. It seems to work as well as the more expensive Ole Henriksen wipes I’ve tried before but for way cheaper, so I grabbed the other popular drugstore brand, Neutrogena, and decided to do a comparison.


Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

The wipes are smooth, sturdy and wet (but not drippy wet). They have no scent at all and is ok when used on eyes. It does not leave any sticky feeling or residue behind, makes the skin feel clean and refreshed. It should be appropriate for all skin types, and I sometimes used it to wipe away the sweat/dirt on the body before I can jump in the shower in the summer.

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

The sheet is smooth, sturdy and feels a bit softer than Simple wipes. It also doesn’t feel as wet, with a slight hint of oily feel (which is not noticeable, if I was not comparing it with Simple I would not have picked up on it). It also means it’s not as great doubling as body wipe but is better at removing all types of makeup. My face feels clean, with no sticky feeling or residue after use. It is ok when used on eyes as well and is not drying.

Are they good at removing makeup? Well, both feels nice on the skin for a temporary/impromptu cleansing, but how do they perform as makeup removers? I swatched my most long lasting makeup (KVD Tattoo liner, Maybelline Color Tattoo, and Hourglass liquid lipstick), let it set, then try to take them off with Simple, Neutrogena and Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Wipe:

The first is swatch, second after 5 slow wipes, and last image after 15 wipes. While Simple removed the liquid liner slightly faster than the other two, Neutrogena is the best at removing all types of makeup the fastest. It is worth the hype of being one of the best drugstore product it seems, and I find it a tad gentler than Simple wipes. While I usually prefer cleansing water for no-rinse makeup removal, it is a little wasteful and wipes are more convenient. Summer is over and I’m currently obsessed with cleansing oil, but for traveling and next summer, I would definitely buy Neutrogena wipes again.


2 thoughts on “Good drugstore buys? Simple and Neutrogena wipes

  1. I agree. The Neutrogena Wipes are very effective at removing all my makeup when I need a convenient method. I have found that they can remove several brands of waterproof mascara.

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