White, Green or Pink? Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay

Dr. Jart+ is wildly popular for being one of the first Korean brand to introduce BB cream to US. Even now, a lot of my friends are a fan of their many BB creams. I’ve tried a few of their masks and moisturizers, they are pretty nice and have good ingredients. Since I haven’t had any bad experiences with their products yet (*knocks on wood*), I decided to just buy the Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay Trio without getting a sample or waiting for reviews.


Before we delve into the mask, can I first say how appreciative I am of brands that print expiration date on the products??? Like, an actual human-readable expiration date instead of a number that you have to look up. The box not only have expiration date printed, it also have manufacture date printed. I also like the tube packaging, which is more sanitary and allow it to last longer (doesn’t dry up as fast) than jar packaging most clay masks come in. The tubes also have a little seal over the opening. Good packaging indeed!


It’s so new I can’t find any reviews online, I can’t even find any information of the masks on Dr. Jart+ website! So, I can only go off what the product description on the packaging says. Basically they are clay masks and cleanser in one. Each have a slightly different focus but they are all purifying. You are supposed to apply it liberally onto the skin, dry skin I assume  since it’s a bit too slippery when applied on wet skin, then wait 3 minutes and rinse.

All three Trans-foam clay have the same creamy clay texture and varies only slightly in color.  If you’ve used a mud/clay cleanser before, like the GlamGlow black or white one, this will feel similar. It’s slippery and creamy with a bit of bubble/lather. The packaging also claim it removes base makeup. I tried the mask on a swatch of Marc Jacob Highliner in Blacquer and Benefit Hello Oxygen foundation. I applied the mask, waited 3 minutes, then rinsed. It only removed half of the liner, so this is more like a cleanser than makeup remover. This is a cleanser and mask in one, but it is NOT a substitute for makeup remover.


Calming White: It is a calming clay with chamomile. It have a mild floral scent and feels pleasant on the skin. It was relatively easy to rinse off and the skin feels matte and smooth afterwards. It does not hydrate but it would be good for oily or combination skin. My skin was not irritated so I don’t know about calming, but chamomile is generally calming and my skin feel comfortable after use so…

Hydrating Pink: It is a hydrating clay with lotus. It have a very faint mild floral scent. There’s no sensation when applied onto the skin, but it feels like my skin have a bit of residue after rinsing. It did purifies and did not dry me out (but if you have dry skin then an actual hydrating mask, gel or cream, would be better). I would recommend it for oily, combination and dry combo skin.

Refreshing Green: It is an oil control clay with lemongrass, tea tree and eucalyptus. It have a very very mild planty scent and feels cooling/tingling when applied. It is not for irritated skin, but if you are fine with other minty skincare with a slightly cool feel then this should be fine. My skin does feel a tad dry after this, so I would only recommend it for oily/combo skin.


Are they worth it? The clays are all $15 for 1.7oz on Sephora, so they are not overpriced and have good ingredients. Unless you are allergic or have super dry skin, I would say they are appropriate for all skin types. They don’t dry completely after 3 minutes but there were no harms done when I left it a few minutes longer (you can just apply, brush your teeth, rinse). They do mildly purifies the skin/pores, but won’t be able to do anything to the really clogged pores/whiteheads on your nose. They work well as cleanser + gentle clay mask, but you need to use a makeup remover beforehand and possibly porestrips/peels afterward for the more stubborn clogged pores. If you have oily/combo skin, want to streamline your cleansing/mask step, or find GlamGlow black/white cleansers too harsh, this would be good to try.

I would say they feel more like mask than cleanser. I do like using them but they won’t replace my normal cleanser. I alternate these with my regular cleanser/exfoliators every few days.


3 thoughts on “White, Green or Pink? Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay

  1. Thank you for reviewing this! I think a few of them will be a pass for me, so I’m glad to see you can get them individually now, too.

    1. No I haven’t. Dr. Jart+ likes to go for gentle and natural ingredients. I took a brief look at Neutrogena and it looks like the ingredients are a bit harsher and it is more geared toward problem skin. While I do get occasional acne, my skin doesn’t do well with salicylic acid and some of the ingredients more commonly found in acne fighting products. The green Dr. Jart+ dried me out a bit but is not harsh, and the other two can be used by normal/sensitive/dry skin as well. I think it depends on your skin type/needs. Hope it helps.

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