Skincare Journal, August. Chantecaille

So I came out with a wishlist of items that are drool-worthy but not practical for me to get earlier this month. One item that is beautiful and worthy of buying is Chantecaille Protect the Wolves collection. (Info/image courtesy of ChicProfile). Chantecaille is a mid/high-end beauty brand that comes out with an animal themed makeup collection every spring and fall. A percentage of the earnings is given back to protect the animal (in the past there was sharks, turtles, wild horses, bees etc).ย The new Fall 2015 Collection raises awareness of protecting wild wolves to the Northwest Conservation Group, and 5% of earning will be donated to this cause.

The eyeshadow palette is a 3-pan this time but in the past it have always been 4-pan. The one Chantecaille palette I own is The Wild Horse Palette (with % of proceeds given to conservation for wild horses). While the pricing is med/high-end, the shadows themselves are good quality, pretty big and the palette is refillable.


The animal themed shadows all have an overlay, but even after you brush away the overlay the shape will still be there for a long time. The shadows are soft, smooth and very natural looking on the skin. If/after you are done with the shadows, the pan is also refillable with not only Chantecaille eyeshadows, but also Sephora and MUFE.


I would definitely recommend getting Chantecaille if you want some pretty makeup as gift and for a good cause. Unless you are a collector or love a specific animal, all the shadows tend to be similar neutrals. The 3-pan Chantecaille is better than 3-pan MUFE since it have space for a mini-brush, but I end up putting my Chantecaille shadows in the MUFE pan so I can see the pattern through the clear cover. If you are interested in other animals, they still have the shark, bee, and tiger palette onlineย as well as the butterfly shadow I reviewed before and an elephant blush (….actually, I think I’m gonna get that elephant blush now).

Skin condition: Well, it was clear and smooth at beginning of the month, but then I decided to try DIY sheet mask and experiment with apple cider vinegar for toner and my skin was not happy. It might have to do with a combination of products but I stopped playing with new things for now and my skin has gone back to normal. ALWAYS be cautious and take it slow when it comes to playing with acidic stuff in skincare, I keep forgetting but it’s really important.

Products used: I’ve been using the clarisonic almost everyday, no other physical or chemical exfoliant. As for masks, I used Origins Charcoal masks to help drawn out purity.

Now that my skin have finally gotten comfortable with the Clarisonic, I am going to try my DIY toner and mask solution again, separately this time. If it was ok, then start wearing serum again.

Other influences: I exercised! I got fat last month, gained 15lbs and shocked myself, so I’ve been diligent in going to the gym this month. After 30min on the treadmill at least three times a week and reducing my food consumption….I lost 5lbs in two weeks. I love food and I stress eat, so instead of dieting, I’ve been focusing on eating less and healthier most of the time.If I do feel hungry and it’s not meal time, I try to eat something light, like a handful of nuts or a fruit. If I don’t feel hungry, even if it’s meal time, then I try to limit myself to only a few bite. You can always save the leftover for later, but sometimes it’s a choice between finishing it eventhough you don’t feel like it or throw it in the trash. When that happens, I remember what my mom told me “thow it out, don’t treat your body as a trash can.” Once a week or two, I would splurge on a burger or pizza, but otherwise I try to opt for healthier options:

  • fresh fruit instead of dessert
  • snack veggies (cucumber, carrots) and nuts instead of chips and candy
  • honey + lemon or apple cider vinegar drink instead of softdrinks

So far it’s been working out well. Now I just have to keep it up. *fingers crossed*


2 thoughts on “Skincare Journal, August. Chantecaille

    1. Howdy!

      Refillable palettes such as Chantecaille usually have a tiny hole on the bottom of the palette. You can use a needle or push pin to stick it in, and that will push the bottom of the pan out. That’s how it works for Chantecaille and MUFE refillable palettes, some other palettes might have weak glue so you have to push harder with the pin in the hole to get it out.

      For powder pans that doesn’t have a hole on the bottom of the palette/packaging, you can try heating it up slightly to soften the glue then prey it out with a tweezer or some sharp objects. Don’t heat it so much that the plastic melt, just enough it gets very warm. It also take some practice, most of the time I end up chipping the powder in the process. =/

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